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Gear / Re: New arrivals thread (pics) - what did you just get?
« Last post by Sowdz on Yesterday at 18:58:31 »
Just received my ozora.. Will use this heavily and prob use it for a grading later in the year....

Gear / Re: FAQs (Newbies, please read)
« Last post by Sowdz on Yesterday at 18:51:57 »
@The Void mate the more knees tip defo helping alot....

Gear / Re: New arrivals thread (pics) - what did you just get?
« Last post by Sowdz on Yesterday at 18:43:55 »
@The Void thanks mate! Looking into now!!! 2 1/2 wks in now... We got the bird best combo at mo is swing in spike, around Europe followed by 2xearth turn. We both practice on our lunch break break...
Thanks buddy
Gear / Re: Ozora Taisei
« Last post by KenSan on Yesterday at 11:07:27 »
JKA/BKA comp size all the way for me. Although I do have a Slaydawg (Iji mod because of the cool Japanese flag styling), but it feels a little cumbersome to me.

Not bashing them but I dislike the sweets primes. They just remind me of catchy street kendamas. At least the Dawg is 5% all over not just the cups.

Mind you  I've played with viking size and performer size kendamas and I have no urge to have one those for myself either.

"Ozora is my bag baby!" With RWB Classics and KUSA Kaizens a close 2nd and 3rd.

Back on subject, I like the idea of the Taiseis but whether or not I get one is a different story.
Gear / Re: Ozora Taisei
« Last post by The Void on Yesterday at 10:29:34 »
Totally agree. To me, using an oversize is just kidding yourself about your skill level. Fair enough for video fun, or stage/performance work, or maybe for introducing struggling beginners, but generally... meh, get real, dudes!
Gear / Re: New arrivals thread (pics) - what did you just get?
« Last post by The Void on Yesterday at 10:25:09 »
@Sowdz Hey Marc,
There's a 500KB limit on attachments, so you'd have to shrink it first. Or use Twitter, or IG to put the pic online, then just copy and paste the Share URL link into a forum post.
(There's a thread about this with more detail in the Technical Questions section. )
Gear / Re: Ozora Taisei
« Last post by John on 22 May, 2017, 19:24:51 »
I actually really like the idea of this, and how it is aimed towards the elderly and very young to assist them with the co-ordination needed.

What's weird (for me, at least) is how the Prime is pretty much the same thing, and yet is completely aimed at the active / competitive kendama market. It just seems like it's defeating it's own purpose somewhat. As an active player I'm personally not interested in having massive cups on my ken. It's supposed to be a game of patience, skill and concentration and dumbing it down is just a bit of a turn-off for me. I didn't like the Slaydawg either, but can forgive it a little more as the whole kendama was 3% rather than just enhanced cups.

I guess I'm just a bit old school and like normal size kendamas, anything else feels like cheating to be honest. Although when I get to 70 and I need a bit more help with my 1 turn lunars, I'll probably be glad of a Taisei. :)
Gear / Re: New arrivals thread (pics) - what did you just get?
« Last post by Sowdz on 22 May, 2017, 18:35:40 »
@The Void Hi, how do I add a picture into the new gear section? I clicked on additional items and tried to add a photo but it always says it's to large....

Thanks Marc
Gear / Re: Ozora Taisei
« Last post by KenSan on 21 May, 2017, 20:58:25 »
Yeah they showed up on the interwebz a while back. I originally thought Ozora had messed up when backward engineering a Sweets Prime! ;D
Videos / Re: Forum Collabration Video 2017 - Send Me Those Tricks
« Last post by John on 21 May, 2017, 18:07:40 »
Nice one Void!
I have had another few filming sessions to try and get this second one in the bag, but still haven't managed to get all the way through it. Could be one for next year. :)
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