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Events, meets & competitions / Bristol jam Today! June 25th
« Last post by The Void on Today at 10:45:47 »
Last minute dot ken! Sorry about that.
Me and @mreasyguy will be there. Anyone else up for a click.
Meet in Castle Park from 1.30-2.30, then we'll wander somewhere from there.
@Cand1ez @Paul_S @kayadama @fuverdred @S.S.Clarence @charlieforsyth
What a semifinals! Eelco, Joris, Jeffrey & Jokbert

Sounds like a lot of fun and about twice as many people as on the first SpikeDamas... the place must be quite crowded now.

Off-Topic / Glastonbury
« Last post by The Void on Today at 00:48:56 »
Spotted a kendama player there!
Tricks / Re: The ever popular "Today I..." thread
« Last post by donald grant on Yesterday at 22:50:36 »
Ten minutes waiting for a bus down the coast, lots of swirls for some reason...

Highlights were spacewalk half anti-swirl to bird, in, and a surprising small bird double swirl to big bird!
Events, meets & competitions / Re: Spikedama 10. June 17th (+18th Social)
« Last post by The Void on Yesterday at 22:12:44 »
Video! Thanks, @NiggetyNixaan !
Tricks / Re: The ever popular "Today I..." thread
« Last post by The Void on Yesterday at 22:07:34 »
Today Jumping Stick would NOT behave itself.
Thanks for the write-up. Congratulations on a good run, and having a fun-filled day.
Tricks / Re: The ever popular "Today I..." thread
« Last post by shalafi on Yesterday at 17:54:22 »
Okay, @Dimensions , you're faster than me. :-P

That was very impressive. Almost at Yumi Nakamura speed level O_O
Tricks / Re: The ever popular "Today I..." thread
« Last post by shalafi on Yesterday at 17:52:26 »
Events, meets & competitions / Re: KenGriffin Summer Battle II - June 24th
« Last post by shalafi on Yesterday at 17:47:18 »
Great weather and lots of fun for a very informal event in the park.

Daniel, Lucas and Leo arrived a bit earlier, so we did some jamming on my backyard to warm up, then we picked Henry and headed for the park in an unbelievable weather.

Once at the park, we played a game of ken with the extra rule that once a trick is set, you pass the kendamas to the right. It made it really fun with comments like, mm, this is a very sticky kendama, I should go for this tricks, or the opposite... how am I going to do juggles with such a short sting!! Actually, we didn't even counted letters, just played for about 1 hour.

At 3, the grace period we agreed on for more people to show up ended, so we did the 1st round of the gloken-style cup. I easily landed 12 points, which looking at in backwards, could have been 14 or 15, but I wanted to play safe.

The second run of first round was very intense, everyone pushed hard to get more points and most of us did not improve our score, but since Leo was on 11 points, Henry and I at 12 and Lucas at 13, it was all about who was going to drop for the final. Daniel had the 1st slot quite cleared.

On the final round, I scored a whooping 45 points, which made me very happy, landing 4 level 3 and the rest level 2 and level 1 fillers. I should have landed at least a couple more level 2s, but I think 55 would have been my best possible run, so, very happy with the result.

Lucas landed 65 points, and Daniel did an amazing 124 points, including 2 level 5 and 3 level 4. Yes, it was on camera and will be uploaded hopefully soon.

To clean up, we got a few kids interested and they played a bit, some of them landing even spikes in just 15 minutes. I am considering running a workshop in the local community hub.

And yes, there were some prizes from the sponsors: and (You rock!)

All in all a fantastic day with lots of jamming... oh, man, it was way too long since I played kendma for 3 hours in a row with more people. I missed it SO much.

Still a small community, we may have 10 active players in total, but never manage to get all of them at once. Good point is that at least 2 or 3 of them are really motivated and pushing forward, which is great.
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