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Done my homework, boys! @Woodsy @Mikegee 
Videos / Re: Paul Sayer | Sesh with Two Freshies ft. Royal Plush
« Last post by s070s on 07 June, 2018, 10:52:01 »
wow.. i like it man
maby mix it up with a few no 'point of view' shots
but like the tricks and editing !!!
Events, meets & competitions / Re: KENDAMA JAM 2ND JUNE in Glasgow
« Last post by donald grant on 06 June, 2018, 22:15:48 »
Much fun, despite my ridiculous 7 hours of bus travel to get there and back in a day (Scotland isn't THAT big, at least not east to west :) )
It had everything from fine sunshine in George Square to the terrifying post-apocalyptic scenes under the bridge at Central Station...
Cheers to Paul for organizing it all.  (I'll have to practice my big cup one-hand cartwheels for next time).
Events, meets & competitions / Re: Royal Parking - Newport/Brighton/Bristol
« Last post by The Void on 05 June, 2018, 13:35:07 »
Excellent, cheers. Haven't decided yet if I'm driving or getting the train to Nyuwpawwt. I'll let you know nearer the time.
Eeek, the dreaded words "replacement bus service". I'll be driving then.
Meanwhile, word of mouth sounds like we'll be getting double figures, so that's good.
Another good session tonight with @Woodsy & @Mikegee. General trickswapping and jabbering again, but we’ve set ourselves “homework” for next week of Lighthouse> Juggle to Lighthouse. Doable, but a fun tricky challenge for each of us.
Tricks / Re: The ever popular "Today I..." thread
« Last post by shalafi on 02 June, 2018, 22:06:39 »
Today I practiced a few new things, just for fun in the sun... and first time I can freely play in a long time.
I landed some spacewalk > spacewalk > spike (something like a moon circle in 2 steps)
Several lighthouse somersault and trade variants. Particularly enjoyed: Cap. Hook > 1 turn LH, trade to big cup , trade aeroplane
Some lunars, which I am suddenly more consistent at... I think the Royal plush had something to do with it.
Accidentally landed a LH somersault to axe... imagine my surprise.

All in all a fun session.
Videos / Re: Collab video 2018 - call for submissions. Join in and win!
« Last post by The Void on 02 June, 2018, 16:19:40 »
Okay, cool!

I've been out of the game for a bit (#damadad) but I think I can manage to film something before May 31st.
Or even June 11th, @HansNickmans ? :-P
Videos / Re: Collab video 2018 - call for submissions. Join in and win!
« Last post by The Void on 01 June, 2018, 18:14:22 »
A couple more submissions are in. Also, due to the forum downtime, I'm extending the deadline to June 11th. You can still join in!
Videos / Paul Sayer | Sesh with Two Freshies ft. Royal Plush
« Last post by The Void on 01 June, 2018, 18:03:38 »
Well, this didn't get posted due to the forum crash, I guess. @paulsayer killing it. ← Please go to JTV for HD/download
Technical questions, feedback, and forum announcements / Forum downtime
« Last post by BKA on 01 June, 2018, 17:33:53 »
Apologies for the forum downtime between May 24th-Jun 1st. The crash/possible hacking attempt coincided with our web admin being on holiday, and also proved hard to pin down upon return. We're back up now.
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