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Kendama: "Elegant Simplicity. Infinite Complexity. Ultimate Fun."

Welcome to the BKA: the ultimate resource for all kendama-related information. You'll find the all latest kendama news, and a wealth of other info on the pages linked below. If you're completely new to the Japanese skill-toy that is kendama,
and don't know what it's all about, watch this.
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Benefits of kendama play

flying orange

Kendama: Why?

"Elegant Simplicity. Infinite Complexity. Ultimate Fun."

Well, in case you need another reason apart from "it's fun!", you'll be amazed at how much exercise you'll get from playing with a kendama. When using the correct stance, just 10 minutes will get your heart pumping, and a half hour session of serious practise will leave you in need of a sit down.

Aside from giving the cardio-vascular system a work-out, you'll get the brain in on things too. The Japanese say kendama play promotes "shinen" & "kokoro no nebari" (concentration & persistence): important qualities in all aspects of life, not just when you're learning a new trick.

All in all, not bad for a little wooden toy!

Original pic by Azrelle
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