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Book: "Knees! Further adventures in kendama"

Spike! Mastering the Kendama ISBN 978-1-898591-21-4
ISBN 978-1-898591-22-1
Title: "Knees! Further adventures in kendama"
Author: The Void & Donald Grant
Illustrations: Donald Grant
RRP £5.95
64 printed pages.
112 tricks, 69 fully illustrated.
English, (Trick names also included in Japanese)


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For the real kendama addict,
the book to take you to the next level.

The Void and Donald Grant return with the follow up to their first book, "Spike! Mastering The Kendama" .
"Knees! Further adventures in kendama"
is written for anyone who thinks they've 'done' kendama.

Over 100 tricks will convince anyone that there's always another challenge to be met. Traditional Japanese tricks are mixed up with innovative western ones, all ranging from easy to crazily hard, something for everyone. All for the same great price as the first book!

Download a sample PDF file here.

"Learned some new stuff! RAD!"
- Jake, The Kengarden.

"...even more adventurous and bizarre variations and tricks with our favourite japanese toy."
- Oddballs

"...another great book from The Void and Donald Grant. In this edition, they explore new ideas, techniques, sequences, and lots of new tricks. Well illustrated, easy to follow, and a great guide for aspiring Kendama players"
- KendamaUSA

" I have recently purchased these books and I must say they are great! Useful tips on the standard tricks, combined with variations you never thought of. There are also a lot of tricks I never even tried before (mostly in 'Knees'). In particular I enjoyed the string/knot tricks I saw Donald Grant do but couldn't make out from a video. You will definitely learn something new from these, and in addition it's just a great library of possible tricks, even if you already know how to do them. The order of tricks in 'Spike' can also be helpful when teaching new clickers (although you could persuade them to just buy the book :)). Great work Donald and Void!"
-Hans Nickmans, Kendama Belgium

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