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Trick Archive
« on: 09 May, 2013, 17:37:49 »
Noticed there hasn't been a trick page so here we go:

First read these practice tips they are really good!
Practice Tips,942.0.html (page2)

The Essential 11,905.0.html
Or if you like writing:
Big Cup (page 2)
Swing In,152.0.html
Around Japan,869.0.html
Bird and Lighthouse Balance,215.0.html
Moshikame Inspiration,688.0.html

General Terminology
Fast-Hand, Fast Throw & Juggle,1432.0.html
Hybrid tricks (e.g. Bird the World),1950.0.html

Hanging Tricks
Trapeze Acrobats,834.0.html
Hanging 1-Turn Aeroplane,382.0.html
Hanging Pirouette (page 3)

Ridge Tricks
Bird and Lighthouse Balance,215.0.html
Bird Fly Over The Valley,928.0.html
Bird Fly Over The Valley (Video),1175.0.html
Stilt Somersault,1287.0.html
Slip-Grip-Special & Clifftop,1508.0.html

Double Gunslinger,617.0.html

Bird and Lighthouse Balance,215.0.html
Lighthouse Somersault,582.0.html
Falling Down,421.0.html
Spike to Lighthouse,1096.0.html
Fast Hand Stab - From Lighthouse,1417.0.html
Insta-Lighthouse Somersaults,1758.0.html
Juggle to Lighthouse (A.K.A Fast Throw 1-Turn Lighthouse),1690.0.html
Big Cup to Lighthouse,1943.0.html
2-turn Lighthouse,1956.0.html

Different Lunar Techniques,33.0.html
1-Turn Lunar & Somersault,740.0.html
Spacewalk - 1-Turn Lunar,828.0.html
Lunar Barrel Roll (a.ka. Lunar Tornado),921.0.html
U.F.O to Lunar,1182.0.html
Lunar Somersault,43.0.html
Lunar Multiple Somersault,2670.0.html

1-Turn Tips,999.0.html
[user]kendalex[/user]'s Video Help,1506.0.html
Hanging 1-Turn Aeroplane,382.0.html
1-Turn Lunar,740.0.html
Spacewalk 1-Turn Lunar,1513.0.html
Spacewalk 1-Turn Scoop Spike,1511.0.html
Lunar Rover,1303.0.html

Spacewalks + Extra Flare
Spacewalk - 1-turn Lunar,828.0.html
Spacewalk to U.F.O,1514.0.html
Spacewalk Handroll,1518.0.html
Spacewalk 1-Turn Scoop Spike,1511.0.html
Nunchaku Aeroplane,1510.0.html
Super-Flamingo Spacewalk,1509.0.html
Sweets Special (a.k.a Maelstorm Swing In),1507.0.html
String Bounce,1288.0.html
Reverse Flamingos,1418.0.html

Jumping Stick & U.F.O
Jumping Stick,796.0.html
U.F.O to Lunar,1182.0.html
[user]kendalex[/user]'s UFO Video,1516.0.html

Half Swirl Aeroplane,473.0.html
Swirl Aeroplane,1419.0.html

"Active" Balance Tricks
Nose balance (Page 2)
Boarders Balance,1002.0.html

Thumb Trap,377.0.html
Faster Than Gravity,422.0.html
Scoop Up,731.0.html
Juggle to Spike,1764.0.html
Sara Grip Earth Turn,1109.0.html
Stab(bing Heaven),1219.0.html
Alternating Grip Tricks & Juggling,1424.0.html
Tap Back (Page 3)
Axle Spin (Page 2)
Whirlwind Earth Turn,1515.0.html
Reverse Whirlwinds,1565.0.html
Dead Body,1703.0.html
Reverse Aeroplane,2006.0.html
(Trick-Pic) C-Whip to Lighthouse Tightrope,1933.0.html
(Spiking) Around the Triangle,1856.0.html
Stab > Fast Hand Aeroplane,2201.0.html
Turnovers (Grip Changes),2685.msg23200.html

Trick Videos
No explanation just videos...
Inverted Tricks,52.0.html
Around Two Universes,601.0.html
Unicorn to Reverse Swing In,1562.0.html
Dead Bird,1746.0.html
Stabbing Fast-Hand Aeroplane,1835.msg14465.html#msg14465
(Penguin) Clifftop,1882.msg15291.html#msg15291
Around the Pitfall,1960.0.html
Trap The World,2050.0.html
Broken Bridge,2111.0.html
Around Tunbridge Wells,205.0.html
Pinky Whirlwind,2177.0.html
Windscreen Wipers,2222.0.html

Sweets Tips Videos,1100.0.html

Today I
Bragging rights of tricks that you have done...,24.0.html

Whats That Trick Called?
Thread for asking what a trick is...,97.0.html

Learn More Tricks Here...
If you have a good tutorial post it here...,14.0.html
The whole trilogy: Spike!, Knees! & Click!,536.0.html
Kendamapp - available of IOS & Android
The official BKA app - has lots of tricks. You may no have even seen some of them,339.0.html

Video Archive
Inspiration for tricks - featuring Collin sander, kendalex and Jeffrey van reeven,20.0.html

The Kenfession Booth
What tricks can't you do? "Kenfess" them here:,1641.0.html

Endless Combo
A combo, that goes on forever...,1022.0.html
KCC round up
All of the concistency challenges so far, more to come...,448.0.html
Records - how many times
How many times can you do one single trick?...,209.0.html
One Shot Grading
A cool personal challenge,1055.msg8311.html#msg8311
All competitions + More,4.0.html

Hope This Helps
If you want it updated please pm me - or a forum moderator

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Re: Trick archive
« Reply #1 on: 09 May, 2013, 20:23:06 »
Have always wanted to do this but never had time! Thanks for your huge service to the future/current BKA forum members!

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Re: Trick archive
« Reply #2 on: 09 May, 2013, 20:35:27 »
Good job, Rob, thanks!

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Re: Trick archive
« Reply #3 on: 09 November, 2013, 13:50:06 »
More tricks - this bit gets constantly updated
More sections - above
Better grammar - I changed capital letters etc.
More links from around the forum
If there were two posts of the same trick, the "better one" was used
Links to books + samples have been linked up
Changed layout

If anybody wants any changes or any tricks added just PM me or a forum moderator

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