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BKA Northern Regional Championships 2012

Started by BKA, 17 October, 2011, 14:59:12

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The NRC will be held as part of Chocfest on Jan 28th 2012.

All the details are at the BKA NRC page.
Chocfest on IJDb.

Cash prizes!

Facebook event page:



Bump. First post updated ^.

Quote from: Harrydh3 on 17 October, 2011, 19:11:42
So gonna be there :)
Good. This comp was deliberately located within easy reach of Grimsby. Expecting a full Victory Kendama Crew turnout!



We'll try rally the troops of Grimsby!
There will be a definite few of us though :)


Us yorkshrrun am theyr[nb]As a man born and bred in the fine Yorkshire city of Sheffield I wouldn't dare miss it.[/nb]
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Ian F

Hi, is the beginner's list the old 2011 one or the new 2012 BKO one?. ( Just in case I happen to be passing and suffer a wave of ambition :)

Ian F


It's the one listed on the NRC page, as linked to in the first post in this thread.  :P But yes, it's the same as the 2011 BKO list. (As is the advanced list)


I really want to go, but as yet dont have a lift. Anyone from the bristol area going up and need a car share?[1]


[1] and coming back down of course!:P
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By markool89 at 2011-08-06


What kind of turnout are we expecting for this? :)


I'd hope for 20-30 people in the room at least.
What's the roll-call from Grimsby looking like?


I think it'll just be us from Victory Kendama but i'm going to atempt to pursuade the masses :)


You mean just you and Thorny, or the 5 of you on the VK website?
Well, either way, the more the merrier!


4 of us are coming together because thats all the seats in the car or we'd have a kendama army :P


20-30? That sounds rather good to me :)

And yeah, Harry's right. We're trying to get people to get there, whether via train or some other transport.

As it stands, there's definitely going to be me, Harry, Layna(my girlfriend) and Spam.

Layna won't be competing in anything I don't think, but she plans on documenting the day with a vast number of photographs and some general kendama play thrown in. :)

Me and Harry were talking about maybe filming parts of the event, as well... to ultimately make a video from or as part of one.

Personally, I'm rather looking forward to the 28th! :)