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Kendama Consistency Challenge #29 - A Tale Of Two Levels

Started by BKA, 24 August, 2014, 17:25:29

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#29 will be announced on Tuesday 26th August at 17:00 BST.



the milky oolong

Have several hunches as to what this one is going to be about. Whatever it is, I'm ready. :)
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Ken grip > tama grip tricks?
Looking forward to it!
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KCC29 - A Tale Of Two Levels

This KCC is a throwback to BKO 2012, but is split into 2 divisions. You may only enter ONE of the two divisions.

The prize for each division is a brand new Play Pro K plus a velvet pouch to keep it in. The first person to complete gets to choose from Blue or Black.

KCC29 - Level One
ONLY for people who are A) a BKA member AND... B) have never entered a KCC before.

1. Knee Bounce (Start with a Big Cup)
2. Aeroplane (Start with the ken held)
3. Swing to Pinkie
4. Slip-on-Stick (Ball must stay in contact with spike)
5. Around The World
6. Faster Than Gravity (Arm must be fully straightened. Initial movement MUST be downwards.)
7. Pull-up Whirlwind Big Cup
8. Bat (Hold still for 3 seconds. Grip must not touch cross-piece or spike)
9. Reverse Swing In (Ball must fly between hand and body)
10. Thumb Trap (Hold for 3 seconds)

KCC29 - Level Two
Open to anyone.

11. Orbit The Cups (Orbits must be around the ball, in any direction)
12. Jumping Stick (no adjustments between the aeroplane catch and the throw)
13. Gunslinger Spike
14. Around Europe
15. Bird & Turn In (Hold Bird STILL for 1sec minimum. Ball must turn 360˚ onto the spike)
16. Spacewalk (only 1 backswing allowed)
17. Moon Landing (Hold still for 3 seconds)
18. Lighthouse Somersault (Hold 1st LH for 1sec, 2nd LH for 3secs)
19. UFO (Must be horizontal, to within 10˚)
20. Moon Circle (No fingers in the cups on the catch.)

- Level One is ONLY for people who are A) a BKA member AND B) have never entered a KCC before.
- Level Two is open to all players, worldwide, as long as they are a member of this forum.
- Use a standard, competition-sized kendama, unless otherwise stated.
- Perform all tricks, in order, as specified, in a single run, with no misses, unless otherwise stated.
- Film in Landscape , not Portrait , not Square .
- Stay in shot the whole time.
- The first forum member to post a video of themselves completing the challenge in this thread is the winner. (Pending approval by the BKA).
- No sneakiness!
- The Winner wins glory and respect from the kendama community, the prize, and the right to set the next KCC.
- If a KCC remains undefeated for 30 days, any prize offered must be donated to BKA for re-assignment to the next challenge. BKA becomes the setter for the next KCC. An undefeated KCC remains open to be cracked after 30 days have passed, but only for glory and respect.

See all the tricks in this video:
Level One - Tricks 1-10
Level Two - Tricks 11-20
2012 BKO Advanced Tricks - juggling videos hosted @


At first I thought this wouldn't be too bad, but my little finger isn't as little as I'd like & I keep getting told of for 'stabbing' the tama! I need more practice...

The Void

Not that I'm entering, but I just spent 15 minutes on Part Two, and missed #20. D'oh!
I think this one might not last too long....
If you don't want to BUY MY BOOKS 😉, then why not ask your local library to order them in, and read them for free? That would help too. Cheers!


AFAIK I've never submitted a video to a KCC, so I may try level 1. It is hard enough for me, specially because I've never been good at Thumb traps

P.S.: I really like the idea of having levels to allow players with less skill (like myself) still have fun.
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!! level two


All present and correct, sir! Well done, would you like blue or black?



Wilco. Oh, and we forgot to say thanks to [user]Kendama Europe[/user] for the Plays, and to [user]Landor[/user] for the pouches. #sponsorsrock


I managed to get to the Thumb trap with only 2 misses, but that last one I need to practice it a lot more.
Spanish Kendama Champion 2010, 2012, 2014-16
Depth Perception is Overrated.