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Kendama Consistency Challenge #32 - Distractions

Started by BKA, 20 June, 2015, 17:13:49

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KCC #32 starts now! Ends: July 21st, 13:00 BST.

ANYONE can enter.

1. Join this forum. (It's free)
2. Film yourself doing the tricks, in order. (As few misses as possible).
3. Use any competition-size kendama (16cm ken)
4. No editing. Stay in frame.
5. Upload your video.
6. Post a link to your video in this thread.

You can enter more than once.

After 30 days, whoever has got furthest wins.
Tiebreak 1: Highest Level reached without missing
Tiebreak 2: Highest level reached - including misses
Tiebreak 3: TBC...

KCC 32 "Distractions"

1. Spike [With a book resting on your head.] (No hats/headbands/etc)
2. Jumping Stick [Holding a flower]
3. Moshi Kame x 10 > Spike [Hopping] (1 hop/1 cup)
4. Bird [Sitting on chair] (3 seconds)
5. Stab [1 eye]
6. Aeroplane [Kneeling]
7. Around The World [Sitting cross-legged]
8. Spacewalk [With a Unicorn] (3 seconds Unicorn afterwards)
9. Whirlwind Earth Turn [Holding a whisk]
10. Spike [Behind The Side]

Kendama Consistency Challenge #32 - Distractions - juggling videos hosted @

Prize as per the picture, depending on how far you get/membership status.
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[Edit: JTV vids seem to be a bit stuttery. We'll try to fix them. Meanwhile, you can download the original from JTV if the tricks aren't clear. EDIT: FIXED.]


Very funny one. Will definitely give it a few tries, although I don't think I can do a spacewalk consistently, but adding an unicorn will probably help me with the consistency... same goes for the whirlwind.
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Glad I watched the video! I would have ended up in A&E trying to transition from spacewalk to unicorn :o (If I get that far)

3rd place @ BKO 2016 Adv. Division. :-)



Current leaderboard:
1. @theobau Level 8 (clean) / Level 10 (2 misses)

Well done Theo!
Can anyone equal or beat him?


I can expect myself to do a level 7 clean. I will upload it anyway once I have some time (today has been crazy busy)

also, @theobau impressive skills, terrible framing :-)
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Depth Perception is Overrated.

the milky oolong

Man, Theobau, looked like you breezed through the first lot! Was at the Dojou tonight so not had much time to practise this, gave a few goes and didn't get very far on the weekend, but tomorrow I'll have a fair crack at it. God I hate Spike Around the Side. Books, flowers and whisks I detest equally.
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love the way theo makes sure everything counts


Two weeks left. Is Theo going to walk it? Anyone else still trying? (And if not, why not? :P)


I want to try and I'll probably do but:

1) I'm definitely not going to do better than theo
2) I've been freakingly busy lately
Spanish Kendama Champion 2010, 2012, 2014-16
Depth Perception is Overrated.


Well I put an hour or so into this today and have improved greatly at Tomeken with a book on my head ;D. However mosh kami hopping is okay but my hopping spike end is not and then the rest are also not ready for film :-\

Anyway it seems my consistency with distractions/hindrances is not up to snuff :-[ without it also needs work.
However I have hit a few turntables and a sweets special today but that's for another thread :)
3rd place @ BKO 2016 Adv. Division. :-)


I had a run through or two with the list, quite fun! Not taken too seriously as I am missing one key item from the list... But I improvised in the same fashion as I do with my omelettes...

Not good enough for first place, but possibly a podium finish if no other contestants!

KKC #32 - my attempt - juggling videos hosted @


Well done @KenSan for giving it a go, and Matt for uploading your best shot. (Fork accepted as a whisk substitute.)

Current leaderboard:
1. @theobau Level 8 (clean) / Level 10 (2 misses)
2. @kendamatty Level 4 (clean) / Level 10 (3 misses)


Thanks @BKA I would have liked to get something on video but I've got no time right now as its my sons birthday and then they are all off to japan at the weekend, so wife's in panic mode
3rd place @ BKO 2016 Adv. Division. :-)