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BKO 2016 - Bristol

Started by BKA, 13 December, 2015, 16:02:06

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It was great to meet all you great people.

A White Oozy Premium was left in the hall and it is currently in my care.  Drop me a PM if is legitimately yours and I'll work to get it back into your clammy hands.


I havent checked my kit but I was using one and left in a rush. Is it well warn? No paint around the hole? I'll check my bags now

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Yeah Cand1es, looks like it's mine. [insert swear word here] Turns out I left one of my hoodies too but Ingi is bringing that up to Leeds for me to collect at some point.

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The Void

Pic from today's chill-out day.
@Kingi @donald grant @s070s @Cand1ez @Paul_S @Its_mrdiz @kayadama @ltdama (Dunno where Ben P went!).
Good fun, if a bit damp and windy at times.
Click click, all! :-)
If you don't want to BUY MY BOOKS 😉, then why not ask your local library to order them in, and read them for free? That would help too. Cheers!

The Void

Two favourite quotes from the weekend:
"I twiddle from the middle"
"...but I'm the ken, not the tama!"
If you don't want to BUY MY BOOKS 😉, then why not ask your local library to order them in, and read them for free? That would help too. Cheers!



Congratulations Rob, I'm sure you'll do great in Japan!

I'm looking forward to seeing if any dan jam runs emerge from the day, as they're always good entertainment.

Gutted that I couldn't make it, it seems to have been a great turnout! However, I'll see many of you in Almere :)


FULL RESULTS OF BKO 2016! Please share this link to share results. Thank you.

THANK YOU to our kind sponsors:
@Royal kendama , @BKA ,
@Kendama Europe ,
@Craftybuddy , Project Ark

Judge: The Void
Name - Points Scored (Misses) - Other
1. Rob Henman - 12 (9) - BRITISH KENDAMA CHAMPION - BOUNTY PRIZE @Dimensions
2. Sam Bradley - 7 (27) @SamB
3. Stuart Barron - 7 (21) - PLAYOFF: 3 (14) @KenSan
4. John Maico Piezas-Simm - 6 (22) - PLAYOFF: 1 (16) @Maicodama
5. Adam Cameron - 3 (3) - WELSH KENDAMA CHAMPION @mreasyguy
6. Ewan McKay - 3 (5) - SCOTTISH KENDAMA CHAMPION @fiddletriks
7. Ben Pycroft - 3 (13) @BenPycroft24
8. Donald Grant - 2 (21) @donald grant
9. Eelco Soesman - 0 (2) @s070s
10. Jack Smithies - 0 (7) @Jak

Judges: Eelco, Donald
1. Kofi Jones @Kofi
2. Will Toms @Will T
3. Lawrence Thorpe (Non-forum member) @ltdama
4. Andy Jones @Cand1ez
Also competing: Paul Sayer @paulsayer  , Ingi Hughes @Kingi  , Ben (Austin?) @Its_mrdiz  , Jamie Young @kayadama  , Rich Pearse @Sonicpearse , Daniel Chakrabarti @danielc , Rich Walker @Rich

Judge: Sam
1. Lucy (...?...) - Level 4 (4 misses)

Judge: Donald
1. Ingi Hughes
Also competing: Rob H, Rich W, Andy J, Ewan M, Will T, Paul S, Ian M @I.A.M , Jak, Ben P, Eelco.

Judges: Sam, Adam, Kofi
1. Donald Grant 13pts
2. Jack Smithies 11pts
3. Rob Henman 6pts
4. Eelco Soesman 3pts

Judges: Donald, Eelco, Ingi
1. Rob Henman 7
2. Will Toms 6
3. Ben Pycroft 5
4. Lawrence Thorpe 4
5. John Maico Piezas-Simm 3
6.= Ben (Austin?) 2
6.= Andy Jones 2
6.= Rich Pearse 2
6.= Ewan McKay 2

Judges: (All the other players, + Jake)
1. Kofi Jones 22 (Qualifying score: 13)
2. Will Toms 18 (QS: 12)
3. John Maico Piezas-Simm 17 (QS:12)
4. Adam Cameron 11 (QS: 16)
Also competing: Jamie, Martin, Donald, Jak, Eelco, Rich W, @sarethums , Stuart, Paul.


Oops, forgot the Omnium results. Added above.


Picture gallery from the weekend:

Click the picture for the full gallery.

NO REUPLOADS PLEASE! Share page URLs, not images. Thanks.


Great photos- thanks for sharing.  Thanks again to Void & team and all the generous sponsors.


Nice set of photos. And thank you again to all those involved!
3rd place @ BKO 2016 Adv. Division. :-)


Lovely meeting you all (again).
Thanks to the Void for the organising the event and cheers to everyone for all the tips!


Such an amazing time guys. Please please let's do it again next year. Much love to those that supported ARK in particular. Happy to sponsor a little bit this year as well. Things are moving forward. Today I got sponsored by CWCS unexpectedly. Still in shock of it all really.

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If anyone's making a video... this still could go in, if you like.