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Consistency Competition #7

Started by KendAlex, 21 December, 2011, 14:08:13

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Common guys, get the first one, the kendamatty is killing it to get this ladder
(his ladder here above is not the good one

be the first, time goes fast


Im done, alex if i post it on facebook can you link it? Im on my phone and i need another beer now im done


KendaMushroom busted the ladder.
Man this was a true race agains the clock, i like it
i try to get it on proper view soon,

Congratulations KendaMushroom.


nice one nic, I think my htc needs to have an "i" infront of it


Thanks matty :) i admit i wanted to be the next host so i had to go fast! Some of those tricks where hooorible and im basically playing the worst kendama ever hahaha

The Void

Well done Nic! If my back was better, I'd've been racing you too.

By the way, the video didn't display properly on the forum at first because Alex posted an https link - I changed it to a standard http one.

I look forward to seeing what challenge you'll set for us all, Nic!
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Thanks the Void for fixing the link.

@ Nic, i can't wait till you drop a next ladder for round 8.


Thanks guys!
My next ladder is gonna be birdy too, less tricks but the last one is the combo that'll make you cry when you miss the last bit :)


Can't see the video on facebook..I guess i need to be friends to see it maybe?!

Can't see kendama johnny's either as its set to private on youtube! Edit: this one works did a two turn lighthouse instead of a one turn so i guess it doesnt count even if Nic didnt beat you to it!
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Hm, okay folks, from the answers to your posts I need to assume, that you have done the tricklist, right? Unfortunatly, as I am more an oldschool "not that much into the social media world involved" internet user, I must say: sorry! I am not able to see the facebook video from KendaMushroom (I am only able to read "Sicheres Video" - very interesting), nor to see the "private video" on youtube from Kendamajohnny.

Is this some sort of "inner circle" competition? Or would you mind publishing your results also for the broader public?


yeah, sorry but you have to be friends of Nicolas Schopfer to see the edit,

@ Nicolas, don't forget this rule: give the exact date  a few days before you drop the ladder and publish it in later hours like i did, and tell the time too, to give everybody the same chance oke?

there was a issue in round 6 and we all have learned from it i guess, remember Kendama = fun :)


Congratulations nic! Be sure to say when you will be announcing the list, or someone[1] might not like it. :P  ;) 

[1] Who would do such a thing?! :P
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By markool89 at 2011-08-06


Quote from: KendAlex on 23 December, 2011, 20:58:49
yeah, sorry but you have to be friends of Nicolas Schopfer to see the edit,

Well, yes, I have contact with Nic on facebook, and I can see it there, but, nevertheless, there is no link from this page to facebook. I just see the blank "sicheres Video"-nonesense...

Never mind, no problem at all, and very nice movies :-)


Ok ok, here is the video, I finally made it be clear. the ladder was cleared when it uploaded on FB which means 2 hours ago...And sorry if it was hard for you to see...and i didnt see the kendamajony yeah.

what was the lesson from ladder 6? i just noticed that on the last one. people were complaining that they werent at home or online to see the ladder in time before alex killed it.

well this video proves that you don't need to be at home, online or even sober to participate :)

was an intense match with matty! fun fun fun....let's do more!

start warming up your brains for the next ladder, hosted by yours truly.


Seems like a new phone not reliant on the movement of the suns would of uploaded this on time :(!
bring on challenge numero 8 nic!
here is my clip uploaded in time but not posted in time, it's that damn european time difference i tells ya :P

kendama consistency comp 7 baby! - juggling videos hosted @