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Kendama Consistency Challenge #12 ''Walking in the sky''

Started by KendAlex, 20 May, 2012, 19:58:27

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Hello Members,

Here is the Consistency ladder  #12 ''Walking in the sky''

The tricks:
1 spacewalk
2 mooncirle
3 lightningdrop
4 spacewalk one turn lighthouse
5 spacewalk one turn aeroplane
6 Spacewalk handroll to in
7 Lightningdrop one turn lighthouse
8 Lightningdrop one turn Aeroplane
9 Double mooncircle to candle

I also made a edit of the ladder, so you can see the tricks yourself.
I did not have much time to do it perfectly, but i'm not enter my own ladder.

Just do it clean and no missers alowed
Good luck everyone.


that will be perfect if you record it first !!! hope you hade a nice holiday !!


thanks Oase,

yes i've a great holiday, i went to Gran Canaria where the heat was killing me, everyday Sun and over the 35 degree
there are some pictures on facebook.


Hey Folks,
Here is a update of the next consistency ladder #12.

the ladder will be on line on Saturday the 26Th of may 20:00 Europe time , 19:00 UK time and USA East 13:00 PM and USA West 8:00 AM

first place winner get a new EU Sunrise UE kendama,

Remember ; you need to do a clean run. (no fault allowed)
(i did already recorded the Ladder and i make one misstake, but again it is more to show you how the tricks have to be done, I'm a little short in time till the weekend to get it clean, Sorry)

The first person that upload the clean ladder will win.
if there are any questions please feel free to ask me :)

The Void

Cool. I'll be in a field for 10 days, so although I may be able to record it (if I can do it!), I probably won't be able to upload. So I'll be trying, but I probably won't be able to compete. Cheers!
If you don't want to BUY MY BOOKS 😉, then why not ask your local library to order them in, and read them for free? That would help too. Cheers!


i'll try not to be at the bar at that time haha


get ready , i will modyfied the firts post oke?
9 minutes to go




Vary awesome ladder Alex! I will work on this for sure! i never new it was called lightingdrop, I like it.


thanks River, good luck.
all the trick is also called Double suicide aeroplane according the BKA tricklist


Oh man just came inside from a couple straight hours of trying this in the 92 degree weather..this ladder is killer..I got to the lightning drop 1-turn airplane and blew it! Curses.....




O DANG , it looks like Oase is going to win this.