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Consistency Challenge 14- 'Merica.

Started by MattDeCoteau, 29 July, 2012, 18:25:31

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Alrighty everybody here it is! I took me a while to get a ladder I was happy with. I felt like they were way too hard or just too easy. So I tried to create a balanced ladder for everybody to try out so speed will be another factor to winning this challenge. Hopefully this ladder is a fun challenge but not too challenging.

1. Around the USA
2. Around the USA with Reverse Earth flips
3. Around the USA with Sideways Earth flips
4. Around the USA Sara Grip

The winner of this challenge will receive fresh goodies from Kendama USA :)



"Simple" but "tough"! A nice consistency challenge, of a good level, but possible for all. Well set, sir! And good luck, everyone!


ouh nice, i hate sara grip around the worlds...(where do i put my support fingers?) anyway lets give it a go!



There we go.


Looks like we have a winner :)

James, I suppose just send me your info on Facebook?


Ah nuts. Too late. I liked the look of this one though.
Good work Thorny!
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Yes another excellent performance by James   :D

He's quick and talented, can't wait to try the next ladder.

The Void

I thought I'd give it a (late) go anyway.
10 minutes later and I hadn't even got ATUSA. Man, Poland killed my legs.... but it was worth it. :-)

Well clicked, Thorny!
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well that was fast...the post and the answer :))) just reading and scrolling down..for the replay :((( good one Thorny !!