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Official BKA gradings

Started by BKA, 08 January, 2012, 07:38:18

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Congratulations to Matt N and Ian F, who both took their opportunity to increase their gradings at the NRC.



Quote from: BKA on 18 March, 2013, 19:16:55
Congratulations to Yannick and Sepp who hit their 1st Kyus yesterday.

Is it just me, or is the link broken? But anyway, congratulations to both of you.
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Probably a facebook visibility thing. We'll fix it later....

[Edit]...there we go!


Sepp, welcome to the forum!
You and Yannick have now both been added to , and your grading added to your forum profile.


it's cool to be on this list... Thanks  ;D


Congratulations to Kev who steps onto the ladder at the 3rd Kyu rung, on his first attempt. Well done Kev!


Ah! Thanks very much - it was fun!  :)

I'd hoped to get to Kyu 2 or possibly 1 but unfortunately didn't quite make it on the day.

The Void was a friendly and fair examiner who pointed out I'd made a slight grip change during Around the World - this meant I needed to land it with a new technique (without the grip change) 'on the fly' as it were! So close a couple of times but not close enough this time!

I really recommend to anyone that they give a grading a go, it's fun to see what you can do when under a bit of pressure and very motivating to your kendama play.

Speaking of which, I've been practicing my improved Around the World and my Moshi Kame this week which meant today I self certified to Kyu 1! Yay :) - just gotta prove it at the next grading ;) (Can't wait :) )


Hard luck to Mr Jumpshoe who was killed by the dreaded Moshi Kame today when attempting to put a foot on the Dan ladder.



Congratulations to all those who got a grading today. Some very impressive first attempts!

Forum members have already had the Special Titles updated, and will be added to the register at this week.


Well done to [user]Sonicpearse[/user] who cut things pretty fine, but tonight managed to conquer the Moshi Kame and the compulsories and step up to Pre-Dan level. Well done, sir!


Congratulations to Mr  Jumpshoe who got his 1st Dan today!


Pics of all recent grades. Well done to all.




donald grant

Couple of new gradings from Dundee this weekend:

Duncan Smith upped his game to hit 4th Kyu.

Avril Smart is hot on his heels at 5th Kyu.

I have a feeling this ain't over yet.....:)  Congratulations to them both!


I'm very happy to announce the result of my first examination. Luca Lohr has passed his 1st Kyu exam yesterday. Congratulations to him.
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