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Other skill toys?

Started by HansNickmans, 06 August, 2011, 17:50:38

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Yesterday at a festival I saw a guy playing bilboquet. I seemed a little more limited in its options, but still a fun toy to mess around with. And a friend of mine is taking me back a balero from Mexico, was just wondering how it would play. Are there other skill toys you heard of or that you've got that are something different or a part in the evolution to kendama? Or maybe some exiting new ideas? For instance, I saw "the pill" from Alex Smith, which looked like great fun!
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i'm sure you know but if you dont there's diablos.


Oooooh I like diabolo's!!!


Actually I started with diabolo back in 2003, which got me into juggling, which got me into kendama! Don't practise it anymore now, maybe some day I'll try again.
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I've never tried a Diablo... I have played around with Devil Sticks though (I think thats what theyre called?). They were tricky, to say the least

As for the pill, theres a couple photos of it up on facebook, you can check them our Here

I've had some very positive reactions to it, a few of my friends who have tried it thought it was fun and subsequently have been bugging me to make them one. Obviously not as many possible variations as a kendama, but you can do some neat stuff with it none the less.



Just bought one of these at the August Kengarden battle in San Fran.
It's definitely tougher to juggle with in general, but it opens up the doors for some interesting new tricks. I would say if you're at least an intermediately skilled player who already owns a couple kens and is looking for something new to add to the collection you should consider picking one up. It's fun, your friends will be bewildered, and if you're like me you'll be giggling like a little girl everytime you see it sitting on the shelf.

Check it out. The Stove by Sourmash. I give it my full approval.

(some finer details: made of resins in a custom mold that has been refined several times. Hand painted, made to mimic the weight of a normal tama as closely as possible. Sold without a ken)


I don't juggle basketballs but I think this girl does.....


Another fun prop that needs your knees are cigar boxes. Been playing with them for a little while now and over the weekend managed a takeout move with 4 boxes!

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How apt that the
Quote from: BatDancer on 13 September, 2011, 23:33:36
Another fun prop that needs your knees are cigar boxes. Been playing with them for a little while now and over the weekend managed a takeout move with 4 boxes!
1000th POST on this forum contained the word "Knees".  :)
If you don't want to BUY MY BOOKS 😉, then why not ask your local library to order them in, and read them for free? That would help too. Cheers!

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Another skill toy, the Ticayo,..
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Thanks for posting! It looks like it is a Peruvian game by origin, in the same line as the balero from Mexico and emboque from Chili.
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After some wikipedia-work, found it is actually Colombian, Ticayo is just a city in Peru.

In that spirit, I found this - The game is Perinola, the variant from Venezuela (turns out every latin american country has it's variant)
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