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Started by BKA, 12 August, 2011, 17:20:51

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Juggle Sensei

Hi everyone!

I had IJA fest, and then I was on tour with Quidam, then went off to YMCA camp as a counselor, and then came back to MONSTER preparations for my new job at my new school (moving from Silver Creek after 11 years), so I've been swamped.  Now I have IJA 2012 to prepare and organize, so you probably won't hear from me again for a year or so.


I just finished reading Void's account of his Dan examination and I simply must offer congratulations to him and to Alex.  Simply amazing--I almost started crying when I read Void's reaction, but that's probably just because I'm a simpering git.  But maybe it's also because I was so happy for him and so proud.  Void, you da man.  Way to go, brother. 

Okay, back to IJA 2012 prep and other things.  By the time I'm done, I probably won't be able to do Big Cup. 



PS  Believe it or not, I have all the times, tricks, vids and a write-up (in my brain) of the IJA 2011 NAKO 3.  Super fun, super simple, one-hour as always, and a total blast.  I'll get to that in the next 14 months or so.   :P

The Void

Thanks Matt, kind words.
There's a phrase "junk expands to fill the space available to it". I think there must be an analogy for you specifically: "enthusiasm spreads to fill all the jobs it comes near". Have fun with all your jobs, and don't wear yourself out.

As for a NAKO 3 report.... what about 1 & 2?!!  :)
If you don't want to BUY MY BOOKS 😉, then why not ask your local library to order them in, and read them for free? That would help too. Cheers!


Once again grats to Void and Alex.
It was a quite emotional dan certification.

To add one thing to Voids explanation of the costs:

If you want to do a kyu or dan exam in Japan you actually have to be a member of the Japan Kendama Association.
That means you have to pay the membership fee.
After that the exam will cost you too, but normally money is rewarded in case you fail.

But as a membership in the JKA is not much more than a nice status symbol for a foreigner we were granted special conditions for the dan exams at the EJC 2011.
So once more thanks to K.Cima(Shimaderasan), Emperor(Akimotosan) and Mukaisan from the JKA!
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