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Spin With My L.A. C & Grandma's L.A. C

Started by the milky oolong, 20 September, 2013, 23:55:29

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the milky oolong

Been revisiting this incredible short video recently, and have been trying the trick at 1:26, a kind of Lighthouse > Half-Centrifugal Orbital Jumping Stick - has anyone actually tried this trick?

After a solid hour of trying different tama grips to get the centrifuge and the catch right, I finally landed it - only to have the whole kendama slip out of my hand and hit the wall. Then I realized I was turning the ken in a regular Lighthouse Somersault direction, whereas our good man here is rotating in a Reverse Lighthouse Somersault movement!

So the Spin With My L,A. C seems to be 'inside' (across the body), whereas Grandma's L.A. C seems to be the same in 'penguin'. Both are infernally difficult, and feel incredibly unnatural. Note also that the catch is an active swipe with the tama, at a more-or-less horizontal position - just makes things worse. I'm doing my best to work it out, but, as you'll see if you try it, it's not a pony-ride.


Tried this for a week, can land the Spin With My L.A. C., across the body, such a satisfying trick. Grandma still eludes me. Not that this topic has generated much a stir. Man, I need a camera!
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