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Started by andrewyip, 15 January, 2014, 06:58:13

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is there such a kendama trick called whirlslinger? like a combination of gunslinger but the ball is on spike already and whirlwind combined? im confused!!


Gunslinger (the basic version) does have the ball on the spike. I think Whirlwinds and Gunslingers are mutually exclusive, as the definitions of those tricks make them clearly different things. I could imagine a trick where the ball is hanging, then pulled up, and as the ball is flying the ken is Whirlwinded, caught, and then Gunslinged, before the ball is (cupped? spiked?). Never seen it done, and it would all have to be done very quickly though. But I think that might meet your criteria.

Andrew, you seem to always post in General. In future, please use the Tricks board to post about Tricks, and the Best Kendama board to ask for buying advice, etc etc. It helps to keep the forum tidy. Thanks. [Edit: Oh, we just noticed something in the settings that meant you possibly couldn't see/post in the Gear section. Sorry about that, if it was the case. It's fixed now.]