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1 turn tricks

Started by j4dude, 27 January, 2014, 05:29:28

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Hey guys.  I've been having some trouble doing 1 turn tricks (light house, aeroplane etc.).  I've noticed that people usually are able to do the turn without pulling the ken too high in the air but when I do it, it flys pretty high.  Also, when I attempt the turn, it either doesn't do enough a rotation, or if I pull harder sometimes it flips too much.  Any tips or pointers?  I've checked out the grip for 1 turn tricks thread as well already.


Hi [user]j4dude[/user],

There are some great tips here:,1458.msg11021.html#msg11021

(Void's tip from the Japanese players really helped me).


Keep practising! You will gain more control over time.

Start with the ken in your left (non dominant) hand. Release the ken and let it swing away from you. Try to 'feel' when the ken is putting tension on the string, at that point you can give it a quick, firm tug to make it spin up.