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1-turn technique

Started by Misterwhang, 21 April, 2014, 02:20:30

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I found this thread on 1-turn lighthouse/airplane,1458.msg11021.html#msg11021

I was wondering if anyone could clarify the Japanese technique Void recommended. Is the tama string hole facing up while the spike hole is facing the ground? I am able to do 1-turn tricks but my spin control is still definitely off, which makes my tricks inconsistent.


I think you're referring to this:

Quote from: The Void on 08 March, 2012, 14:48:52. . . since being shown the Japanese method in Munich, I use that now:
String hole on top, 1/4 roll off fingertips on release, tug when small cup is facing you.

The string hole mentioned here by [user]The Void[/user] is the string hole in the Ken not the Tama.

So, hold the Ken in your launching hand with the string hole facing upwards then as you release / start to dip your knees downwards, use your fingertips to roll / rotate the barrel of the Ken lightly as you release (if launching from your left hand the rotation is clockwise). The Ken will rotate and once you see the small cup facing you then that is the time to tug the Tama to begin the 1-Turn rotation.

It's much simpler than this description sounds, hopefully you got it straight away when I said it's the Ken string hole we are talking about!

Overall since learning this I've found it very useful in a number of tricks where the landing alignment of the Ken is important (Jumping Stick for example).

Good luck!


I see, the only thing that is still unclear to me is waiting for the small cup to face me.. When I use my supporting hand to rotate the ken 1/4  turn clockwise, the big cup is the one that is facing me. I will keep practicing to see what works and what doesnt.