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A request, re videos

Started by BKA, 06 July, 2014, 21:56:03

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As the forum heads into its fourth year, we'd thought we'd mention something we've noticed.

There have been quite a lot of good/cool videos posted here that only received a few replies. We all like feedback, so, with that in mind, we'd ask that people make an effort to...

1) Comment on a video if you watched it! Even if it's only something as simple as "cool" or "Thanks for sharing", it helps to show people that their efforts are appreciated. And if you have more to say, then all the better. Keep the conversation flowing...

2) Post videos! If you've seen a video somewhere that you thought was worth watching, and it's not already on the forum, then post a link to it! They don't have to be your own videos. As long as they're kendama videos, it's all golden.

Participation! Community!

Thanks for reading.

the milky oolong

Hey [user]BKA[/user],

I think this is a good reminder. I think it's hard to stifle that automatic 'Youtube video-hopping' mode when watching anything online, but I have to speak for myself and say, after mixed feedback from my last few little vids, I was left feeling a bit disappointed, wondering "what would [user]Member-such-and-such[/user] or [user]Member-so-and-so[/user] think about my vid? Surely they saw it, there aren't that many new vids per day!"

And I know they weren't brimming with colossal trick lines, but a shout-out just means so much, it's like an incentive to push to the next level, to risk it and go for the Earth Turn or Tradespike finish after all, to do it with a 1-Turn start or 540° start, and I think most of you know what I mean there. So, I reflect on how much this means to me, and vow to be as active as I can in commenting on new vids, especially ones made by forum members.

Community! That's what it's about!
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I agree with all of the above hence this post! I don't get on the forum as much as I'd like to but will definitely comment on vids (praise & constructive criticism) as I know how important it is for future motivation & learning.



I completely agree with this as well. I received some awesome feedback from you guys on my first mini edit, definitely fueled me on to bring some new things and try harder tricks. Hope everyone reads this thread.



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