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2 turn lighthouse

Started by Cliffdama, 23 August, 2014, 11:36:05

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Hi there. For my consistancy challenge i need to do the swing 2turn lighthouse. Ive done it 200+ times but can't seems to get consistent in them. Can anyone make me a tutorial from it or have some tips?

the milky oolong

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Amen! Haha i will try thanks!


there is a small technical movement when you release ken.
that small twist with your thumb and finger for some degree turn
this will make the spin of the ken straight (silky smooth / stylisimo /  proper )

-try to get your one-turn realy consitent (duhh) and try to experiment with a slow turn and a fast turn...
- when your pulling harder for the two-turn swing, try to have the first turn under the tama / your hand ... now if your make eye contact with the spinning ken ... its a one-turn spin to follow with your eye's on to the tama 

(well this works for me )