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Introduce yourself!

Started by BKA, 24 June, 2011, 15:09:04

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Good to have you onboard, Ian. But don't put yourself down, it was practise and skill, not luck!

Ian F

Hi all, I've been dabbling for a couple of years but not competed yet (save a round of 'Horse' and Donald and Voids card game.) Still manage to surprise myself on occasions though and allways enjoy Voids workshops and jam sessions and of course practicing at the Northwich Juggling club :)


Welcome to the forum, Ian!


Hello ,
My name is Maddie and i am 13. I have been playing Kendama for about 1 year. John used to work at my school and introduced me to it i went on a school trip with him and me and my Friend did it alto. when he left our school on Friday he gave me one of his Kendama (thanks again). i cant do anything to amazing but ima always looking for some new tricks to do.
Maddie  :D


Welcome to the forum Maddie. Don't worry about how 'amazing' you are, as long as you're having fun with your kendama, it's all gold! And the more fun you have, the more you play, so the better you get. :)

Kendama Europe

Hello Guys,

I m Marc and  I discovered my first Kendama in a small Shop in Sapporo, Japan when I visited my mate Sebastian over there.
After I brought it back to Germany many friends of mine loved this little toy as much as me,
and I asked myself why it was totally unknown in the western world.
I didn t took much time untill the idea was born to make Kendama popular in Europe or even in the whole world.
The first step was to sell them to other kids and toyshops.
So it happended that I became the founder of Kendama Europe aka
Today I make my living by selling Kendama, but I managed to last  an enthusiastic Player as well.  ;)
The latest news about Kendama Europe is my own brand.
It s called PLAY Kendama and available for a week now.
You should test it!

PLAY kendama!

Kendama production and shop since 2008 at

Kendama - easy to learn, hard to master


I am lafferty,comes from China.
Our company was specialized in kendama line more than 3 years with good quality and pretty competitive price!
Do you want to know more?


Hi, I'm from Spain, I have been playing kendama for 3 weeks and I'm loving it  :D I can do some little combos but I'm having troubles with Bird (I land 1 of 10 or less :( ) and with the balance in Lighthouse, any tips to improve?


Welcome aboard all.

hater, try pushing up a little with the ball to stabilise the balance.


Hello, I am Jochen.[nb]Void asked me to introduce myself...[/nb]

My connection to kendama:
I am a shogi[nb][/nb] player[nb][/nb] (2 Dan). At a Japanese Festival in Munich I was organizing the shogi stand. On my way to the stand I stumbled upon the kendama stand. And as I like all artistic, original fun stuff...

My greatest achievements in Kendama:
1. official 1-kyu certificate (pre advanced level to be precise - very proud)
2. German Champion 2011 (I am still surprised)
3. I introduced Peter to Kendama.

My goals:
1. Accomplish 3-Dan in Kendama and Shogi[nb]Kendama is easier I think[/nb]
2. Be inventive in / with Kendama and Shogi[nb]I have some plans in both catagories...[/nb]
3. Write footnotes[nb]in Kendama forums[/nb]

Thats it!
Body and mind - Kendama and Shogi

The Void

Ah, I thought it was probably you. Good to have you on the forum, Champ! :)
If you don't want to BUY MY BOOKS 😉, then why not ask your local library to order them in, and read them for free? That would help too. Cheers!


hey guys, i'm from the uk. I picked up a kendama in a  toy shop, when i was in tokyo last month. i'm also  abit of a yoyoer, so i managed to pick up some of the basics of kendama recently. been playing pretty regularly now for the past few weeks. so addictive! but my wife hates all the klikking and klakking!  ;D


Good to have you aboard, doakes. Come along to an Event if you get the chance!


I'm another yoyoer that has been playing kendama for a month! Welcome!! ;D


Welcome aboard to the forum's 100th member, Luszkis!