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Kendama Records! You can do it how many times!?!?!?!

Started by Dave, 03 November, 2011, 21:47:46

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so ladies and gentlemen this will be a thread solely for the purpose of boasting who can do the most of what. i'll try and keep on top of it but i will modify this first post whenever a new record is set.

rules: (otherwise this could get silly)
-each record will be set for the repetition of ONE trick. so no made up combos. By one trick i mean you have to hold the ken/tama and perform said trick, then without readjusting complete the same trick again and again and again. (Edit: The "without readjusting" part isn't possible for some tricks, so we now distinguish between "Connected" and "Unconnected" runs.)
-Stay in frame the whole time. No speeding-up of the video.
-Balance tricks should be held still for 3 seconds.
-All standard BKA competition rules apply.
-Use a competition-sized kendama. (No oversizes like Musou, Prime, etc)
-No POV clips please - we need to see the person who is performing the trick.
-Please try to film in good lighting. It's not very easy to judge if there's an error or infringement in a fuzzy video, and you all want us to believe you, right? Thanks!
-It would be nice if you filmed your trick just for the forum, but you don't have to. Old videos and videos filmed for other events or competitions ARE allowed, as long as they are posted here by the person performing the trick.
-Records are for forum members only. (Anyone is welcome to sign up though.) You must post the link yourself.

Moderators: @The Void @donald grant @shalafi @Dimensions

As per Peter's suggestion, we will LOCK tricks once someone has got to 100 (or more) in a row.

So, here we go:

Moshi Kame: 26m 31s by Pasha LOCKED,24.msg2921.html#msg2921

"ONE SPIN..." Tricks
Aeroplane: 10 by [user]Kev[/user]
Kendama - Aeroplane x 10 - Kev - juggling videos hosted @

Reverse Aeroplane: 6 by [user]BenPycroft24[/user]
Kendama consistency. Inward Aeroplane. 6 Completed. - juggling videos hosted @

Swing Ins: 99 by [user]mrjuggles[/user],209.msg17206/topicseen.html#msg17206

Connected Jumping Sticks: 18 by [user]KendAlex[/user],209.msg1920/topicseen.html#msg1920

Connected Earth Turns: 43 by [user]mahoto[/user],209.msg2023.html#msg2023

Connected UFOs (aka Rotor Blades): 9 by [user]The Void[/user],209.msg12566.html#msg12566

UFZeros: 3 by @The Void,209.msg28289.html#msg28289

Reverse Swing In: 11 by Donald Grant
Reverse Swing In endurance - juggling videos hosted @

Gunslinger (stringless kendama): 152 by Donald Grant LOCKED, AT 100+
Gunslinger Endurance - juggling videos hosted @

Connected Around the Villages: 78 by [user]Benjugglin[/user]
Around the Village 78x - juggling videos hosted @

Connected Around the Prefectures: 59 by [user]Benjugglin[/user]
Around the Prefecture 59x - juggling videos hosted @

Connected Around Japans: 35 by Buddhaprice,209.msg2087/topicseen.html#msg2087

Connected Around The Worlds: 22 by [user]mreasyguy[/user],209.msg5757/topicseen.html#msg5757

Connected Around The Cosmos: 8 by [user]The Void[/user]
Around The Cosmos - Consecutive connected run - juggling videos hosted @

***Archived record - this record is now "frozen" because of adjustments not being allowed, but is left here for interest***
Connected Lighthouse Somersaults: 48 by [user]jafish41[/user],209.msg9111/topicseen.html#msg9111 ***

Connected Lighthouse Somersaults: 9 by [user]Thorny[/user]
***Note: We are counting attempts #6-#14 here, as there are grip adjustments in the rest of the run that are disallowed.***,209.msg1998/topicseen.html#msg1998

Lighthouse: 58 by [user]shalafi[/user]
Kendama Consistency - Lighthouses - juggling videos hosted @

Connected Lighthouse Somersaults (Stringless kendama): 31 by [user]jafish41[/user],209.msg3195/topicseen.html#msg3195

Slip Grip Special: 16 by [user]Benjugglin[/user]
Slip Grip Special 16x - juggling videos hosted @

Bird: 9 by [user]The Void[/user]
Bird Birdie Birding - juggling videos hosted @

Bat: 14 by [user]The Void[/user],209.msg28540.html#msg28540

Clifftop: 9 by [user]The Void[/user]
Kendama endurance - Clifftop - juggling videos hosted @

Moon Landing: 14 by [user]The Void[/user]
Moon Landing - Consistency again - juggling videos hosted @

Stilts: 5 by [user]The Void[/user]
Stilts plus synchronised Kyu tricks - juggling videos hosted @

Axe: 4 by @The Void,209.msg28540.html#msg28540

Turntable: 8 by [user]Dimensions[/user]
Turntable record - juggling videos hosted @

Dead Body: 7 by [user]Dimensions[/user]
Dead body - record breaker - juggling videos hosted @

Banking: 4 by @The Void,209.msg24265.html#msg24265

Wingwalker: 9 by @kendamatty,209.msg24253.html#msg24253

Monkey's Chair: 7 by [user]The Void[/user]
Fast Hand Spike, Monkey's Chair, Connected Spacewalks - juggling videos hosted @

Everest: 3 by @The Void,209.msg26620.html#msg26620

SPACEWALK-Type tricks
Spacewalk: 12 by Pasha,209.msg3149.html#msg3149

Connected Spacewalks: 21 by [user]The Void[/user]
Fast Hand Spike, Monkey's Chair, Connected Spacewalks - juggling videos hosted @

Moon Circles: 11 by [user]Dimensions[/user]
Moon Circle Consistency - juggling videos hosted @

Spacewalk 1-Turn Lunar Landings: 20 by Kenski Di,209.msg3520.html#msg3520

Hanging Scoop Spike: 5 by @The Void,209.msg24343.html#msg24343

Hanging 1-Turn Aeroplane: 6 by @The Void,209.msg27707.html#msg27707

Hanging 1-Turn Lighthouse: 6 by @the milky oolong,209.msg24424.html#msg24424

Hanging 2-Turn Lighthouse: 3 by @the milky oolong
(Second half of:),209.msg24429.html#msg24429

Hanging Fast Hand Spike: 2 by @The Void,209.msg28363.html#msg28363

Hanging Reverse Stab: 4 by @The Void,209.msg28540.html#msg28540

Tap-In: 3 by @The Void,209.msg27859.html#msg27859

Scoop Spike: 16 by [user]The Void[/user]
Scoop Spike - kendama persistence - juggling videos hosted @

Stab: 33 by [user]The Void[/user]
More kendama Stabbing fun - juggling videos hosted @

Pull-up Whirlwind Big Cup: 17 by [user]shalafi[/user]
Kendama Consistency: Pull-up whirlwind Big Cup #17 - juggling videos hosted @

Baton Twirl, full rotations: 19 by [user]SamB[/user] (Not 20 as in the video title):,209.msg2773/topicseen.html#msg2773

Swirl Aeroplane: 7 by [user]Dimensions[/user]
Swirl aeroplane consistency - juggling videos hosted @

Half-Swirl Aeroplane: 2 by @The Void,209.msg28263.html#msg28263

Candle Flip: 4 by [user]Dimensions[/user]
Candle flip record - juggling videos hosted @

Slip-on-stick: 43 by [user]Dimensions[/user]
Slip on stick - record breaking - juggling videos hosted @

Backhand Slip-on-stick: 14 by [user]The Void[/user],209.msg28540.html#msg28540

Flying Top (Stringless): 61 by [user]shalafi[/user]
Kendama Consistency: 62 Flying Top (stringless) - juggling videos hosted @

Cat's Cradle rocket: 17 by [user]Dimensions[/user]
Cat's Cradle Rocket Consistency - 7 - juggling videos hosted @

C-Whip: 36 by [user]The Void[/user]
C-Whip consistency, Feb 2015 - juggling videos hosted @

Orbit: 16 by [user]BenPycroft24[/user] (Attempts #10-25 in this video:)
Kendama consistency. Orbit 47 completed. - juggling videos hosted @

Drill: 4 by [user]The Void[/user]
Consistency records - juggling videos hosted @

Fast Hand Spike: 8 by [user]The Void[/user],209.msg28363.html#msg28363

Dead Drop: 4 by [user]The Void[/user]
Consistency records - juggling videos hosted @

Connected Juggle to Big Cups: 13 by @The Void,209.msg22305.html#msg22305

Rotary Spike: 7 by @shalafi,209.msg24459.html#msg24459

any more ideas or opinions how this can get more silly  :P then please PM me.



For anyone of you who has problems with the numbers above 20: last time it has only been 22 ;-). 23 was a failure!


Thank you for starting this thread. I feel very pleased, yet: Marc W. was my inspiration starting with a quite "private" challenge - as nobody followed so far - with the Earthturn trick.  Marc: go for it! Here comes the next level. I only say: 27 :-)

27 Earth Turns - juggling videos hosted @

I tried to make an Around Tunbridge Wells afterwards (not part of the challenge), to honour Dave, yet, hm... guess where I failed. Exactly: at the first Earthturn...

And one last remark, please could we end a trick with something like "first to make 100", because otherwise I would need to count Voids 1500 Moshis tomorrow... ::)

Adam K

Around the village! I told myself that I wouldn't stop until I got 10, and spent a little more time on this than I care to admit. That was probably the most satisfying sip of orange juice that I will ever have in my life.


Well done guys lets keep this up!!!! lets set records for everything! we could eventually make it into an endurance compatition!!!!

although i might have to turn the videos into links to make them fit onto the first page.............  ah we will cross that bridge when we come to it!


Heres a unique one...

3 balls in one hand with 2 moshikame catches!

8)  8)  8)  ;D
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By markool89 at 2011-08-06

The Void

If you don't want to BUY MY BOOKS 😉, then why not ask your local library to order them in, and read them for free? That would help too. Cheers!


Had a bash, I was going to do this but void beat me to the punch! More next time hopefully! The string adds to the challenge...


Well done matt!!! so the jumping stick record is set at 10 guys!!!!!  your jumping stick is a lot slower than mine is this the new technique you figured out for the consistency comp?


Cheers harry! Yeah its the new technique, less of a flick of the wrist and more just pushing the ball up so the hole is in the right place the whole time.

Kendama Europe

Hi Peter, gongrats to the 27 spins!!
I didn t had my hands on a kendama since my last Video - 22 spins,...
Will try to catch up with you guys and get back in the game!
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I'm sorry Peter.
today i busted your record with 11 times.

i did hit the 38 times, and i did it with the new Tribute USA Kendama
Tama is 84 gram


Very nice, Alex - now I have a new target for Christmas season... @ Marc W: go for it! So the question is, who catches 50 for the first time?



Thanks, bu tmy happyness was very short term,

Mr. Mahoto have broke my record too, i did not know that JKA people are aloud to play along, HAHHAAAHAHAHHA
he hits 43 times.

now i think we both have a challenge again.

The Void

I'm amused by the different reactions to the miss - you were quite cheerful, he was clearly gutted! :-)
Well done both of you.
If you don't want to BUY MY BOOKS 😉, then why not ask your local library to order them in, and read them for free? That would help too. Cheers!





I love this challenge :-)

So know we are talking about world records, seriously, anyone has already contacted Guinness World Records for this?