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Improving Balance

Started by aphantk16, 16 March, 2015, 22:49:40

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I received my Walnut Stripe HG a few months ago and it is completely worn in. When trying to get a lighthouse or lighthouse flip in general, I  can't land it. Are there any strategies for improving your balance, or is my kendama impossible to lighthouse now?

the milky oolong

Hey [user]aphantk16[/user],

I've not owned a Sweets kendama and so have only played a little with those of others, and I don't know what the tama is like on the Walnut Stripe, but I don't think it's likely that your ken is unLighthouse-able. I had a similar problem with my first KROM Deluxe Walnut/Rubberwood - the wood of the ken is just so dense that after wearing the tama down to almost natty, Lighthouses and Lunars just seem to lurch out of control unlike on any other kendama set-up of mine. There are many strategies for improving balance, and Lighthousing the unLighthouse-able is probably not a bad one. Give yourself a fifteen-minute workout on the HG and go back to a sticky Ozora or something and see the difference.
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