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@Mentions mod !

Started by BKA, 19 March, 2015, 13:28:29

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We have a new mod that enables you to "mention" another user. They will receive a notification in their Profile menu, and an email. (Individual users can turn off the option to receive mention emails.)
To do so, simply type @ followed by the username, like this:

After you type the @ and then start typing a user name, you should see a list of suggested user names in a drop down menu below the cursor. Click one to autocomplete the mention. Names are case insensitive, so bka = BKA =bKa = etc....

There must be a space before the @, or it won't work.

Edit: This may not work if you are using Tapatalk to post. But type the @ anyway, and we'll fix it if we see it.

So, here goes with a few tests:
@The Void  <--- should work with user names that include a space
@the milky oolong
@jakub.zahumensky <--- should work with user names with a ".", or similar, in them.
@AOÄ <--- should work with user names that include UTF-8 characters.

PLEASE DO NOT SPAM! Remember, every time you use this, someone could get an email. So we recommend to only use it if you want a specific reply from someone.
Example (good): if a user isn't a regular on the forum, you might use it to prompt them to reply to a thread they were talking about:
" @fakename - is this okay for the Endless Combo trick you set? ....."
Example (bad): Talking about someone to someone else:
"Yeah, @fakename did that trick in her first video."
Example (bad): If someone is on the forum all the time, they'll probably see it anyway, so there's no need to mention the "power users":
"Hi @The Void , looking forward to seeing you at IKO!"

EDIT: Looks like the emails aren't sending at the moment, but everything else is working.... Fixed! (fingers crossed...)


It works!

Nice mod, BTW. TapTalk already did something similar, but it is nice to not depend on an external tool.
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Looks like all forum emails are broken! Oops.... working on fixing that.... Fixed, it seems....

the milky oolong

Seems to work fine on the forum. Nice!
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Right, hopefully forum emails are fixed again now. Another quick few tests, hope you don't mind chaps... did you get the email?
@Dimensions @donald grant @shalafi @kendamatty


Shameless Self-Promotion:


The message was a bit weird, but mail received.
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Good stuff, thanks guys.


donald grant



Okay, it definitely works!
Thanks, testers. :)



I have the feeling that the new mention mod has messed up the old "user" BBCode. I've seen it in old posts and it looks weird. Maybe somethign can be done about it?
Something like this: [user]BKA[/user] @BKA
Spanish Kendama Champion 2010, 2012, 2014-16
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Quote from: BKA on 03 May, 2013, 10:19:19EDIT: This mod has been uninstalled, to avoid a conflict with another mod. Please use the Mentions Mod instead.

EDIT: There will probably be lots of [user]username[/user] tags lying around on the forum now that this mod has been removed. Please ignore them!