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Looking to get my 3rd Kendama

Started by Meta4, 03 September, 2015, 01:08:27

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Hello everyone, so I've been playing kendama for about a year now and I am looking to get my 3rd kendama.  The first kendama was the LK Standard kendama from the website  My second kendama was a Sweets Focus Fade Atack.  My Sweets has been my main for about 4 months now.  I need to replace it soon because the spike a pretty worn and the tama is pretty scratched up. 

So I need help deciding what kendama to get.  Here are the most important things that my kendama needs to have.
1. A very sticky/tacky tama that will make it easy to do tricks such as lighthouse or lunar.
2. A nice, solid feel; I don't like the feeling of really light kendamas I prefer something that feels solid.
3. The kendama needs to have good lunar balance.
4. It would be nice if the kendama was pretty durable.

I know that is a lot of requirements and it would be very hard to find a kendama that matches all those requirements.  The most important things to me are, a sticky tama and good lunar balance.  Well if anyone knows a kendama that would suit my needs, a response would be appreciated.

Thanks -Meta4


grain theory seems like a good fit, but they are really expensive and hard to get, same goes for mugen musou.

In the affordable range I suggest a Krom, I don't remember the name of the sticky one right now... autum? or maybe a play grip.

As a side note, consider gluing the tip of the spike to prevent them from flattening too soon.

Edit: also the Trojka from have quite a tacky paint and they are heavy, I'd add that to the list of options as well.
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The gold oozora is pretty tacky, with a durable ken (maybe glue the tip though). It is my favourite lunar kendama (which gets even better with play).
Plus, every collection needs an oozora ;-)

In addition if you want to go sticky, it would be worth it to look into the Krom Autumn (as Shalafi suggested) and maybe the Noia? Also, the previous range of kendamausa Pro models had rubberized paint which is very sticky. However, I'm not sure if the new line has the same thing since they are very different between pro players. The Jake Wiens one looks pretty rubberized. Anyone who can back this up?

However, if you're used to Sweets and its Atack, maybe best to stay with Sweets. I think the new fade F3's are also very sticky (I heard people saying they could do a solar eclipse, where tama and ken are practically stuck together, right out of the box). So that would be a good guess. If you're located in Europe, check out for Sweets kendamas. They offer a pretty nice range at the moment.
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Oh yes, the gold ozora fits into that category as well. How could I forget it? Shame on me!

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Got to throw in a shout for a well worn in natty. Not F3 sticky but nothing beats the perfection of a good grain in my view. Classic ozora or the keyaki / enjyu all wear in beautifully. Takes effort but so worth it.

And [shameless plug alert] I've got a couple of really nice Mr Le Chef custom nattys that'll be available soon too. They're treated with my special secret extra tack formula to get the well worn in feel on a new tama, and they look lovely!


Another consideration might be the Kendama USA kaizen cherry white. Pretty heavy kendamas and the silky paint is very good for balance tricks.
FYI: Silk paint is different than rubberized paint. Rubberized paint is more of a sticky paint while silk paint is well, silky. It is kinda in between ozora paint and rubberized paint.

Hope this helps!

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