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Sweet F3 or SunRise (

Started by ray, 29 September, 2015, 11:20:20

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   Hello kendamen,

   There are more than 100 kendamas. I'm from Canary Islands, so, what's the best kendama for me?

... ...

   He he.  :P I will be more specific.

   I'll arrive to Bratislava soon. I didn't find any shop where I can buy a kendama (maybe you now where can I find one in Bratislava or Slovakia). I found the website

   I'm looking for a kendama:
      - less than 30€ (post included).
      - to use it in grades test.
      - light colour to play at night.
      - I think is easier if the ball has a strip or wooden lines.
      - At the moment, the tricks I'm interested to play are from the tests.
      - with string.
      - The best colour would be white with a slim yellow strip (but I never found it).
      - I don't need one for beginners.

   At the moment I played with a SunRise Competition. I got lighthouse, slip on stick and bird. The most complicate to me is to put the point inside the ballhole starting on a cup (I must look for videos).

   Here the links of the two kendamas I think are good to me:


   Question: is the Sweet F3 natural less slippery because it hasn't paint or it's similar because it has varnish?

   Thanks and hugs.
Enjoy your life. Circus and love!

The Void

Hi Ray,

Firstly, I don't believe the F3 natural has varnish. It's natural!
Naturals can seem very slippery at first, but after a decent amount of play and handling, they wear in nicely.

Of the two, my personal preference would be the Sunrise, as I'm not a fan of the slightly longer spike on Sweets models. But since you already have a Sunrise, maybe you want to try something different.
Both are fine.

As for cup-to-spike, check The Essential Eleven,905.0.html (specifically Around Japan), or search the forum for Hole Control.

If you don't want to BUY MY BOOKS 😉, then why not ask your local library to order them in, and read them for free? That would help too. Cheers!


   The Void, Thanks so much for your advise.

   The SunRise I'm using this week isn't mine. I don't have.

Enjoy your life. Circus and love!


   I bought this:

   My experience after one day using this kendama is very positive. I like it. It's easier than my friend's SunRise kendama I played last week. But I think is the same model. Maybe because the string is new.

   The ken, the spike, the 3 cups and the tama are marked a lot. I think I must buy a new one next year. The colours of the tama are ok. White is dirty but is easy to clean. The black strip has lost only a little point of colour (it's a white point).

   I like the string because isn't round; it's a little bit flatter and it's easy to unroll.

   The ken and the cross piece fit perfectly.

   The tama fit perfectly with the three cups, the spike and the cross piece.

   It isn't possible to put the ken in a horizontal table and put the tama in the position "Bird". It slides (I mean it's correct like that but I share it with you).

   Ah, one think I don't like is the EJA sticker isn't perfect centered. Aaaargh!!! I want to destroy Tokio!!!

Enjoy your life. Circus and love!