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Favorite trick?

Started by Harrydh3, 08 July, 2011, 16:20:48

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Adam K

I'd have to say sui-aeroplane. I've only landed it a handful of times, but it just feels so satisfying.


Just a few days ago I started praticing my handrolls. I could do one or two before, but now I'm trying to go from handroll to handroll as long as possible. So far, one of my favorite tricks!

Yesterday I landed spacewalk (/suicide aeroplane), with two handrolls in between, while walking in the streets. I felt epic... Nobody else noticed.
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My favourite trick is the Rotor Blade (Yoko Haneken).
It feels so well and satisfying when you catch it.

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my all time favorite trick is a double space walk, then spin like Michael jackson with no hands on the kendama and come back and finish it with either a tama catch or ken catch....depends on the weather but its not hard just very smooth, make you feel good kinda trick

The Void

That'll look cool.... if you're good at pirouettes. :-)
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I'm 263 pounds but i make them pirouettes look graceful lol 


Quote from: BKA on 29 December, 2011, 22:08:49
Hi Averie,
Welcome to the forum!
So if you don't like those tricks, which is your favourite?
We look forward to seeing your videos, and your kendamas if you start making some!

I really am fan of Birds, Ken Flips. I find it more in interesting to see the way guys bird from many other tricks even from spacewalks.
I going to try to Learn Stilts those are neat.  Hopefully I'll have a edit this weekend with my friends throw down are best bangers.


Hum... depend of the moment. I'm now a huge fan of things like swing candle & spike or "whirlwind pull up spike" but I also really love all the tricks where you do a switch grip (ken <-> tama), or simply landing a lunar always makes me happy  :D


Bird was the hardest thing I could do (or even attempted) for a really long time. As a beginner it felt like the ultimate catch. Eventually I learned about the joy that is tama grip tricks and now stilts is my favorite -an upside down bird for a new era of kendama tricks


Quote from: Benjugglin on 31 January, 2012, 20:37:53
-an upside down bird for a new era of kendama tricks

I believe what you are referring too is a bat, at least that's what I call them. Those are awsome tricks to place in a combo! 


Nope. Land a bird and turn the whole thing upside down. Stilts!
Bats are fun though, I'll give you that.


I'm not sure how much you guys have read of the old posts on the forum, but you may find this thread helpful..... or maybe just extremely confusing! Indeed, in this post, Void even describes the exact confusion that just occurred here! :-)