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Around Spain

Started by shalafi, 07 August, 2012, 10:59:58

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We all like around trick, don't we?

During the past EJC I decided to make one called "Around Spain".

It goes like this:

Big Cup -> Spike -> Big Cup -> Spike -> Base Cup -> Spike

The best definition I can find for it is "Pretending to be around Europe"
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If you're in the mood for making up 'Around' tricks, try this one...

"Around The Moustache"

Big Cup -> Bird -> Spike -> Small Cup -> Baby Bird -> Spike -> Base Cup -> Thrown change to Candle Grip -> Bat -> (Release ken to...) Spike

No, I've never managed it, but I'm sure some of you could get it.  Actually, my original idea for it had an additional stage, with a bat on the other side, which would have completed the initial logic of it.  But, in practice, I think it's probably best left as it is above.

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I've been to Spain, but I have no intention of growing a moustache.

I think those facts reflect the possibilities of me achieving these two tricks. :-)
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Moustache: I'm thirteen. Really? But maybe...

Great ideas guys! Can't wait to try them. Spain sounds simple enough, but Moustache might be a problem. Only one way to find out...