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What is Your Favorite and First Kendama?

Started by TheKendamaSensation, 11 September, 2012, 01:01:35

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Tetsuya Takahashi

First Kendama: Zack Yourd Pro 2012

Favorite Kendama: Red Tk and my beat-up light blue Oozora


First: White Sunrise w/ red stripe
Favourite: Yellow Ozora


First: Red no-name
Favourite: Blue Yellow Oozora
EKO 2012 - European Beginner Champion


Unfortunately I have only 2 kendamas (soon to be 3)
But my first was a red sunrise
But my other one (and my favourite) is a yellow oozora

I will be getting a 2011 play (in blue) soon - thanks Void -
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my first was a sky blue oozo.. favorite id have to say the woody TK! although it has some new competition recently...


First kendama: Red no-name dutch farmer made kendama. played with it for about 3 days. years ago.

First Real Kendama: Natty Sunrise. picked it up a half year ago. Hooked on kendama ever since. Sold it two weeks ago to a buddy who wanted to play kendama. kinda regretting that.

Favourite: A tie between my Beat-up yellow Ozora and my Red OG Ozora (sorry Void for picking two ;) )


First: blue sunrise

Favorite (by far) keyjaki hardwood ozora best choise i ever made!


My first "hand-me-down" Kendama: An old ozora ken (it was all beat up), with a green Tk-16 tama. That old kendama has been handed down from friend to friend and my buddy still has it. In turn, I still get to jam out on it every once in a blue moon.

My first Kendama purchase: A sweets Atack seafoam blue, I got a black stained ken to put the tama on and gave the brand new natty sweets ken to a friend in need. I love spreading the love.  :D

My favorite and current everyday Kendama: My natty Ozora. I play it every day and love every second of it.

Honestly, that's my kendama history. haha No other kendama in the collection.


First: Red Shin Fuji my brothers got me from Japan. At first I had no idea what it was

Favorite: Either my white with a blue stripe sunrise (Great worn in feel) or my steeze snowball (awesome for balance tricks)
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First: a rubbish yo mega beginner kendama

Fav: My red Royal kendama
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First: Sweets dark blue transluscent, but I don't have it anymore. I do have my second though, a sweets F2 aTack rasta fade.

Favorite: SUPER HARD question! Some of my favorites are my beat up Sweets F2 rasta (my second kendama ever), Atlantic Cherry, and TJ Kolesnik pro mod.
If I had to pick just one, it would be my Homegrown maple. I've jammed that one so much...


First: sunrise natty
Favorite: JKA approved, gold premium ozora. Overall: mugen musou
Spanish Kendama Champion 2010, 2012, 2014-16
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First: nameless red kendama from Tiger. Played with it recently and its not that bad. The paint is indestructible

Favourite: Changes a lot however mostly my Ozora Keyaki
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A nameless used one that I've renewed myself, sticking a rainbow glitter foil  onto the tama, covering the ken with three paintings, one crackeling in the middle, covering the whole result with copper, gold and silver foils, protecting all of the cups' edges against further beats with more foil, adding big stickers of flowers and a smilie onto the ken, finally covering the now protected to a maximum wood with epoxy... :-)... I gave the name "The Kid" to it...and added a bearing like a crown.

But the (potched with tissues) items of the "Cover Versions" series "Lemon Tree" and "Strawberry Fields", recycled KROM-pieces, start to go for the first place of my personal list of the best ones as well...

Let me explain: you cannot know these series because I have not yet exhibited my little upcycling work outside of my "Mono Liso" facebook account, which isn't easy to find either... but imagine...
try, try, try