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Setting a Standard

Started by AlexSmith, 27 July, 2011, 07:09:33

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So this is something I've been thinking about for awhile now. When I first started playing dama awhile back there were basically the JKA approved companies, KCN and sunrise were around as well I believe, but were much less known.
Since then there has been Kendama China, Yumu, Sweets, KendamaUSA, New Toy in Town and the explosion of brands like Sunrise.

I think this is great, dont get me wrong - but I also miss the days of watching edits and seeing someone play with the same red oozora I have in my closet. Using customised damas is fun, but in my opinion when you make an edit it should be with a ken which is readily available to pretty much anyone, unless you make it very clear that it's a custom. I have a dama I custom painted that's so sticky you can literally stick the ball into the cup and it will hang there even if you hold the ken upside down. Fun to play... Buy I'm not going to sneak it into an edit to lay down the craziest lunar line.

So what do you think? I guess it's largely the paint that matters in the end. What should the standard be?


Considering that Kendama is a toy, that's important to us all. But the fact that one person can do really long lunar combos with a super sticky tama but probably couldn't with a regular Kendama is only hindering one person, the user. If they wanna film a sick edit landing massive combo's that blow our minds with a custom "cheat?" Kendama then let them. It only gains them a small amount of bragging rights and some views on YouTube. When it comes to effecting anyone else (like a comp for example) then the ken and tama will be checked by a judge and if it's approved by the JKA or the EKA then they can use it. But they won't be able to land their massive combo no one else can do.

So in summery: people can create super sticky kendamas and cheat all they like they are only hindering themselves in the long run.

So I say film your edit with whatever Kendama you like. Just keep in mind that when it comes to sherdding a comp you will have to prove yourself on a JKA/EKA Kendama.



I personally dont see why anyone would "cheat", i can only say this from personal experience but if i use my silly sticky dama i dont feel like i've actually done the trick. And no it doesnt affect anybody, kendama is supposed to be about fun if we go about saying people have to do certain things in their edits and such it ruins it.


True, I'd have to agree with you guys. Competitions do function as a sort of 'prooving ground' for kendama - as long as you don't get stage fright haha.