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Tapatalk - mobile browsing of this forum
« on: 03 February, 2012, 17:32:46 »
... presents this forum in a more mobile friendly way? (90% of the time I'm on here is from my phone).
This forum is now Tapatalk-enabled.[1]
Tapatalk is an App for iOS/Android/Blackberry that optimises forum usage on mobile devices.
Please visit for more info. (There used to be a free "read-only" version as well as the paid version, but alas no longer.)

To be clear, the BKA does not make any money from this app, and we are only adding the feature to the forum for those who already have the Tapatalk app, or who want a better way of accessing it on the mobile device.
 1. Or it should be, if I haven't done anything wrong....


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