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I hope this justifies a new topic, but I think the question is quite different from the "inverse/upside down" issue[1].

I'd say that tricks that start with a hanging tama cannot be really reversed. But what about tricks starting from another position?

I was wondering what the name of a reversed "Falling Down" is, i.e. after having done "Falling Down" getting the ken from the tama back to the lighthouse position.

lars 1. and has hopefully not asked somewhere else before ...

The Void:
You haven't read your copy of

properly. P18: Build The Lighthouse/Touritsu/灯立

You do have a copy, don't you?  ;)

Argh, you caught me  ::) ...

I'm still looking for an online-shop that has both books and is not abroad to save on postage. I'm already tempted to ask my normal book store to get them for me ...

Hannes at carries the books and re-orders regularly.
They have a store in Koeln which is a bonus if you live close. is also worth checking (inline skate store)

If all fails postage on the two books from Amsterdam to Germany (knees weighs quite a lot for a paperback) is €6,32 and the IBAN bank pre-payment costs €0,10. We are all for local solutions but if t doesn't work out at ballaballa drop us a line.


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