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I need help on double Lunar flip to Lunar!


I have been attempting this trick for about 2 days now and I still have yet to land it. I've got it to the point where the big cup would hit the ball, but it would just slide off.

The problem I have with this trick is making it flip twice. Whenever I do, I have my thumb give the ken a little push but I kind of consider that cheating. Also when I try to give the ken a hard push (without my thumb), it usually goes forwards and just messes up the whole trick. So does anyone have tips on making the ken flip twice?

-Thanks =)

I've never been a big fan of super lunar flippy type tricks, but I think the trick to spin it quicker is to start low and push up really hard instead of pushing out really hard. Also, theres a difference between pushing fast and pushing hard in my opinion. It's more of a 'push through' the ball sorta feel.

More knees. :)

Instead of pushing straight, push it at an angle (going up a little) and push it harder. Well, that's how I do it lol..

Thanks for the help guys =) I've been pushing up more and the ken flips way more smoothly. Thanks =)


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