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I need a new kendama, someone can help me?


Stefan Robert:
Hello everybody!
As you can see in title I need a brand new kendama.I think i will buy a Kendama Sweets Prime Grain Maverick.Is that kendama good for tricks like lunar or lighthouse flip.Is it has grip or is sticky?If you know a better kendama under 150 ron=35€ tell me and use arguments.
Thanks alot for your time! ;)
Sorry for the writing I'm 13 years old and i don't speak english so better!

The Void:
Hi @Stefan Robert
Welcome to the forum.
I haven't tried a Sweets Prime. It's probably fine. Go for it.

I don't have a Prime, but I'm going to get one. From the reviews I've read, yes it is sticky and good for lunars and lighthouses. I can't think of a better kendama for this sort of price.                                   
Hope I helped  ;D

Prime is great. I've had mine for about 2 weeks but it looks like I've had it for months!
It's got a great shape and is awesome for anything! Stalls seem to be a little harder on it, but it may just be me. Lunar balance is on point, and it flips very well for lighthouse flips, j-sticks, anything where the ken flips. The tama also has a good bevel.

The paint is very sticky and durable, though during intense play it will chip a little (Like all paints). The cups are enlarged a lot which helps with lunars and lighthouses. It's got the biggest big cup I've ever seen!
Lunar balance overall should be really good because Sweets seems to have very consistent lunar balance with their newer models. Every single F3 I have has really good lunar balance, so these should be consistent as well. I can't confirm because I only have one Prime.

But overall the Primes are the best kendama for the price, in my opinion.

Aura Kendama:
Sweets Models are nice for the price
likewise Krom Pops and some of the Rubber range will suit you well
Our brand has some Raw varieties and painted options also
Nice price range
Also Kendama usa has some fine products 
Ozora is also well balanced for performance play
i am sure you will have a great play with whatever you choose
good luck


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