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The Void:
Brits! Young people (especially), you've got 6 days left to register to vote. It's easy, and your vote REALLY MEANS SOMETHING. Don't be apathetic, and let old people decide what's best for you. Vote.

I won't tell you who to vote for, but bloody well vote.

You have power.
Please register to vote, and tell your friends to as well. Then vote. Thanks.

The Void:

The Void:
Get your lazy butt to a poling station, pronto!


--- Quote from: The Void on 06 June, 2017, 12:39:36 ---

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They could change everything -  if elections really were elections and not just a poll.

It were great, if elections and votes within them were still real votes... more than opinions showing reality to those counting these votes for their purposes but then presenting imaginary results instead...

Difficult times for the democratic ideals.

They could change everything overgrounds, but only if the rulers let them... and since they ran out of reason with their cracked minds, why should they... faciunt quia absurdum, okay, maybe they will...:-)


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