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In case you don't know, you can receive email notifications about new posts/threads. First, go to your forum profile:

Then you can select options:

You can also set up a notification when you start a new topic:

You can also choose to have notifications for a particular board....:

...or a particular topic: you'll always know when there's something being talked about!

Click click!

   I always receive two notifications for each topic. It happends just only to me? I looked for a mistake in my profile settings but I didn't' find nothing wrong.

   Any idea?

@ray That's strange. Does anyone else get this?

   Thanks for answer @BKA.

   Also I received two times the messages "ray, you have been mentioned at a post in The Kendama Forum‏ ".

I think it sometimes gets it wrong when more than one person are mentioned

I do get double notifications, but that is because I get them by mail and by taptalk. That works as expected.


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