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When I got my krom the other day I noticed there was a small red bit of plastic like string in the box I'm guessing this is the string tool can anyone tell me the point I can't see how it works and what's wrong with just putting the string through the hole like normal ...

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Yeah sometimes you won't always need it. Depending on the string thickness and holes drilled. If you want to change tama it can help once the string starts freying. Also the hole in the sarado can be tricky if the hole isn't drilled smoothly.

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To use it, just thread it through the weave of the string at the end

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Aura Kendama:
We find this very useful for threading stings
as John said - sometimes its not necessary as the string can go clean through
but there are times when that threader will be very useful to get the string nicely into place

we sometimes string 100 tamas and rely on that threader


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