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Nichi-Getsu Ball (replica)



We were asked a question:
--- Quote ---Hello I have been interested in The History of Kendama for ahwile now and am trying to get my hands on a replica or real jitsugetsu ball.  I see you have one on your website.  Do you have the maker who made this replica or can you possibly point me in the right direction
--- End quote ---
Here's a public reply for anyone interested.

This is a modern replica of the 1918 "Nichi Getsu" Ball (Sun Moon Ball), which was the original kendama. This one was given to BKA by Yano-san of the Kansai branch of the JKA, to be given as a prize at the 2012 EKO. (We don't have a note of who won it, sorry.)

We'd guess it was made in the Hatsukaichi area. Perhaps the shop there could help.


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