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Yanking for world peace


Ken Damage:
Hello You all, I been yanking for the world peace on instagram. I'm past 100 days on this project. There's still no peace but I keep pushing on. Join the project if You feel like it #yankingfortheworldpeace


Ken Damage

The Void:
Nice one. Good luck with the peace, hope you make it. :-)

donald grant:
Well played, Finland, well played!

Ken Damage:
Cheers Void and Donald, <3

Here's my first kendama-edit with same title. Hope you like this as well.

Yanking for the world peace (part , incl. 85 first yanks)  Kendama and other shiatsu!
Join the movement #yankingfrotheworldpeace
all yanks and more are on my IG, so when you need to yank up your life, you know where to go. IG: ?hl=fi
More to come!


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