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VOTW 07-05-2012 French Touch Kendama Edit 1 - Thibaut Arcos & friends


Hey guys !

Im Thibaut and I come from France where no one play kendama ...
Im tryin' to make that change and make kendama more popular here but it's a bit hard because Im a pretty landsome cowboy ...

Here you go my first edit for the fb community I've created : French Touch Kendama
Hope you like

The Void:
Nice scenery, tricks and style, guys!  I'm sure you'll do a good job spreading kendama in France. Which region are you in?
Welcome to the forum.


--- Quote from: The Void on 06 May, 2012, 13:34:33 ---Which region are you ?
--- End quote ---

I live in Nice on the French Riviera :)


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