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VOTW 21-05-2012 Matt DeCoteau Edit 6


Hey everybody! I had a couple more tricks planned for this but unfortunately I injured my kendama arm! So I decided to wrap up my sixth edit early. I hope you all enjoy! :)

Greg the Strangler:
Nice one Matt! I'm always amazed at your ability to chuck a ken in the air and catch it in an inward lunar.

I have some friendly constructive criticism. Take a look at capturing more lines in your edits. When you perform a "line" as opposed to a single trick, you set up an expectation with the trick sequencing. With that expectation, you have an opportunity to surprise the viewer with something unexpected by breaking it, ending dramatically, being humorous, whatever. It's about showmanship.  It's a bit of advice Damien Klaven gave me when he visited SF that didn't sink in until later on. It's hard to do, but I've had fun "crafting" lines in my head before I go out and try to land them (with little luck usually). You're and elite player so you'd have an easier time!

Sorry you hurt yourself. Hope that heals up soon. Shred on!

Greg I know what you mean and I have been trying to do more "combos" so to speak. Unfortunately all the combos I think of are way too hard and I can never land them haha. I'm used to seeing combos of tricks that I've seen over and over again, it's hard for me to land combos that are lines of creative tricks. I'm trying to bring new tricks to the table so hopefully younger players or even myself later down the road can string them together into epic "lines".

I think this is my last edit though until the Kendama USA pro team contest. I'll be sure to have some strong lines in that.

Nice transitions and fast-throw stuff!

Thank you very much! Also I've always wanted to have the VOTW so thanks again, I appreciate it!


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