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Donald Grant "Cheese on Coast"

Started by donald grant, 01 May, 2014, 22:20:14

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donald grant

Hi All

Tempted Pete out for a filming session again this week!  Usual system: packet of biscuits, ninety minutes, see what we land! ← Please go to JTV for HD/download

Enjoy, and hope to see some of you at the BKO this weekend in Leeds!


The Void

Yee harr, excellent stuff. There was a Jumping Stick and an Earth Turn that each went down very well. A tiny little twist of style on each, and they stood out a mile. Plus the stalls, that cheeky arm roll, and many more. Going back for a third viewing right now!
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That was amazing! Love the hat trick! And the trick you did at frame time 5:27 was awesome!
Bryan Burnett



The many triumphant poses were only topped by the sly creativity of the tricks. A lot of good moves in this one!


Tricks I loved:
The Dead Body Barrell Roll
The 1-turn Axe
Egg trap the world
And I've wanted to see one of these in a long time - the Collumbus Egg!
Revolutionary stuff as ever!

I also liked the Big cup full contact gunslinger - but unfortunately for me I was saving that trick for the Best Trick comp at BKO but it's out there now! Oh well, I have another trick in mind...

Again I love your style and your revolutionary tricks
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donald grant

Cheers, glad you all enjoyed it.  It's up on YouTube as well now, if you fancy watching it again :)