Author Topic: Yesss! Finally got my Tribute Bamboo Kendama!  (Read 2760 times)

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Yesss! Finally got my Tribute Bamboo Kendama!
« on: 26 January, 2013, 01:35:33 »
Alright so I finally got my first normal sized Kendama today, which is quite a change from that beefy performer i own. It looks absolutely beautiful, and the paint is quite nice all well (translucent), i havent played it a huge amount yet though because im battleing an epic hangover...

From what i observe right now though, it seems like a pretty sturdy piece - since the bamboo is pressed together though, there does look like there may be some weak spots on the cups, but i highly doubt that it will effect it any; if it does it will be ages from now when its super worn. Another thing i noticed is that, again since it is pressed bamboo it seems like they used some kind of laqour to hold it all together. This results in the ken having an almost varnished surface on it... i cant really land a lighthouse just yet (with any kendama) but im pretty sure its gonna be a little harder compared to beechwood, that has more friction on the ball. Regardless this kendama is quite amazing and when doing basic tricks it plays like a dream! But thats enough out of me... just thought i would let you all know whats up with these new bamboo tributes because no one has seemed to play them yet.

Heres a pic of a super hungover me, and my new green kendama which i will name hulk. Such a horrible pic but i find it kinda funny :P

EDIT: After playing the kendama some more and breaking in the paint, i can say that it has gotten to the perfect stickiness! Even with the extra slippyness that the ken adds doesnt really matter. Finally landing lighthouses somewhat consistently! Oh and the spike hardly dulls at all which is a nice feature. 
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