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Skatejam, Delft, NL, 18 Sep 2011

Started by The Void, 08 September, 2011, 13:05:25

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The Void

I had this forwarded on to me:
SkateJam delft is van 12:00 tot 21:00  op Zondag 18 september

nedKendama PROGRAMMA
-13:00     Inspelen                                                                   (30 min.)
  -13:15      (inspelen) Kendama Rhythm Challange
-13:30     nedKendama Tricklist #1                                         (30 min )
- a Game of Kendama (main event)                                         (60 tot 120 min)

              Opvuller  .............               Vuur Poi  Demo    (Danny Espelo)

-16:00     Prijsuitreiking ,  A game of Kendama  / nedKendama tricklist / Best trick Overall / aanmoedigingsprijs (rookie award)

-Na spelen    -  Pandoras Box 

*Pandoras Box
Is een spel dat ik zelf heb bedacht omdat ik eerst altijd in mijn eentje speelde en steeds moeite had met nieuwe trick te verzinnen en oude te herinneringen.
Zo begon ik ze op te schrijven.
Dit is uitgemond tot meer dan 70 trick (makkelijke en moeilijke ) in het 'vocabulair' van de Kendama boeken van The Void en andere termen vanuit internet. (bijv. shakemid)
De regels is dat er eigenlijk geen regels zijn en het is een goede manier om allemaal verschillen de trick te blijven oefenen.

For more info:
If you don't want to BUY MY BOOKS 😉, then why not ask your local library to order them in, and read them for free? That would help too. Cheers!


yeah i be there for sure.
I take some pictures, i hope that there are more people that get involved into kendama
David Marchant from Sunrise is coming too.
we all hope we get a nice dry day


Awsome! Didn't know you are fluent in Dutch Void ;)

:oimpressed :o

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I just confirmed that I even have a lift to Delft!

Sounds like a great plan.
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Depth Perception is Overrated.


thank you  the void  for posting this


The speed trick was a bit weird and definitely harder than the BKO one, but it was fun, I managed to do it under a minute, which I am quite happy with.

1 - Swing to Candle
2 - Slip-on-stick
3 - Around the prefecture
4 - Orbit
5 - Around Japan
6 - Around the World
7 - Swing in
8 - Aeroplane
9 - Tapback
10 - Moshikame
Spanish Kendama Champion 2010, 2012, 2014-16
Depth Perception is Overrated.


nedKendama @ SkateJam Delft 2011   after story

On 18th September 2011 in Delft ( The Netherlands) held behind a public skatepark on the grass field that separates to roads. Was the nedKendama area between trees.
On the SkateJam Festival, which is  held on the traditional carless sunday, the roads around this skatepark are closed what formed the terrain for this festival. 
About 14 kendama enthussiasts attended the games or just dropped by. And circa 20 kids and 8 adults showed the interests in the game.

After we arrived and build up our area, when the participants came dripping in. Unfortunately it started to rain and we had to roll up the floor again. For a while it looked like the whole competition wouldn't be able to proceed. But happily, ... when the rain stopped, it stayed dry the rest of the day.
After we put we the floor down, we were able to resume and it turned out to be a great afternoon.

Speed tricklist

Jeffery Itallaander     0.55 sec.
Awi Panchu       0.35 sec
Yorick Soesman    0.50 sec
Kendalex              0.34 sec.
Justin Ruyter      1.01 sec
Dave Marchant           1.24 sec.
Eelco Soesman           0.49 sec
Raul Portales      0.59 sec

A Game of KENDAMA .
There was a big group and it was a nice level of playing. A lot of Standard Tricks and also some very original ones.
Like Raul with a ' Body Catch' and letting the Ken spin in his hands. Dave with a 'stop-over big cup' continuing to a clamping on the center cup.  But unfortunately he just missed it. There were other tricks like done like; 'Bird over the Valley – In', 'Around Europe' and 'swing small cup Bird'. Justin had a nice with a 'hanging Lighthouse – Swing In'.
Jeffrey didn't had a great start but impressed everybody by a few good landing in a row and his very subtle   'Swing Bird'.

And done other trick were done like 'Birdie' (Bat) and a 'Bird - Bird Turn – Bird'.
Before the price giving ceremony there was a special 'Fire Poi' demonstration by Danny van Espelo. This was a cool one!!   (haha)

Rookie Award: Jeffrey Italliaander

Best trick: Awinash Panchu   -  a perfect 'Slip special – pin'  (normal grip)

Speed Tricklist & 'a Game of KENDAMA' : Alex Ruisch    

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