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Started by SamB, 01 October, 2011, 13:10:27

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Now I have seen it! Void!!!! It has been said before: you are a machine! But a smart one :-)

Nice Kitchen, anyhow. Ikea?

I am looking forward for the next challenge...


That was phenomenal Void!!! Amazing!!!
Consistent, stylish, a VERY cool 360, a real nice video.
I was going to up the prize haul if this went to tomorrow but you just snuck in[nb]Oh fine you can have a bonus curlywurly for the zebras...[/nb]. I really thought it'd take all weekend before someone cracked it.

PM Donald and I your details and we can send your well earned prizes.


Thanks to everyone who gave the combo a go. It was a blast thinking this up over the last 2 weeks and I'm now very much looking forward to the next one!

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The Void

Thanks, Sam. :-) Glad you liked it. I thought I'd give it a crack, but didn't really know if I'd manage it. Took me about 15 minutes of trying, usually failing at the Rev ET, but sometimes on simpler stuff.

Donald has my details already, and you can bring my chomp, curly wurly (which my girlfriend has just claimed, as they are her zebras) and chopsticks to the SRC. The wait will make it all the tastier.[nb]Wait, I don't have to eat the chomp with the chopsticks do I?[/nb]

Peter, no, it's a Alno (or something) kitchen, here when we moved in.

So, some people thought the Hedgehog was too easy hey? Well, it turns out this one was maybe a touch easier than I first thought it would be, but still a definite challenge. Luckily for me, I had been practising Around the Cosmos a fair bit recently, that certainly helped.
I shall put a good amount of thought into the next one. Keep yer eyes peeled, froods!
If you don't want to BUY MY BOOKS 😉, then why not ask your local library to order them in, and read them for free? That would help too. Cheers!


I think this one slightly easier than the previous one, but still quite challenging, I tried most of the stuff, but it is hard to get it consistently.

Anyway, congrats to Void.
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