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Kendama Co - Zen (review)
« on: 10 May, 2014, 19:47:45 »
hey there,

so id been waiting to make a review for kendama co's zen but wanted to see how they compare to other current damas; to give an up-to-date review. of the newer KDs ive played (2013 play, homegrown, sourmash, & ozora) the zen is best compared to a JKA. extremely well balanced, with a 1-2 gram variance between the tama/ken. much like a JKA, the zen kendamas have a strict construction with perfect sarado placement. meaning, there is no lean/tilt to the sarado and there is a perfect 90 degree angle from a flat surface to the cups. both the ozora and 2013 play are also perfect 90 degree angles as well, with the homegrown and sourmash being tilted or "off axis". im assuming the tilt/lean could be a specific design sweets and sourmash are trying but i prefer the 90 degree angles as it makes cup juggling and lunars "tighter".


2013 play

2013 zen

2013 zen

i have 2 zens at the time of this writing and i quite like them. one red top with white string and one teal top with red string. the paint is extremely similar to the new sweets focus line (dare i say, they may be getting them from the same vendor). i could lunar with the zen right out of the box, and even tho it is glossy, it isnt a glass type glossy. the glossy finish allows a grip while still holding its sheen

one thing i noticed right away was how similar the zen is to a JKA. like, exactly the same height and quality. the difference seems to be in the wood they use for the zen. to me, it looks like a bleached beechwood. which is great for gluing the tip because the wood SOAKS up the glue and creates a very permanent shell that has not worn away (yet...)

very pleased with my two zens so far. when id gotten my first zen, i weighed it (71g tama/70g ken) and thought i lucked out in getting such a balanced dama. i wanted to get another zen and the $20 price tag, which is $3 cheaper than a JKA, was taunting me. i rolled the dice and ordered another zen, and sure enough, another perfect kendama (64g ken/62g tama) :)

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Re: Kendama Co - Zen (review)
« Reply #1 on: 10 May, 2014, 20:26:34 »
Love zens. this review is amazing by the way. They also have Girr painted Zens if you want a more tacky option.
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