Author Topic: Stickyness? Pro Model vs. Sweets Atack?  (Read 5780 times)

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Stickyness? Pro Model vs. Sweets Atack?
« on: 05 June, 2013, 23:02:45 »
I currently have a Kendama USA Pro Model 2013 and I was wondering if the Sweets Atack that I ordered a few days ago is going to be more sticky or less sticky? Which one will be better for learning Lunars, Stilts, Etc.?

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Re: Stickyness? Pro Model vs. Sweets Atack?
« Reply #1 on: 05 June, 2013, 23:28:38 »
those are both great damas. the pro models ive heard start slick and get grippier over time. the atack is sticky for a while and then gets to a 'normal' tack after a few months of heavy play.

now, if Youll be able to train for those tricks with either of those?
id say practice airplanes and jumping sticks until you can do them 3 in-a-row, first try.
those are the motions and foundation for lunars and stilts, imo, and should be hammered

if this is your first kendama, i would recommend to play with only one of those for at least a week. from my experience, the 2012+ tributes are solid and can take a beating. ive heard the same from sweets but dont have personal experience. i have tributes and they are by far the least damaged of my damas and have seen the most blunders and aggressive spiking :(

so, short answer - the atack will be stickier but may chip if youre too hard on it. i would suggest to learn/daily on the pro tribute and then transition to the sweets

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Re: Stickyness? Pro Model vs. Sweets Atack?
« Reply #2 on: 28 June, 2013, 23:35:24 »
They are both really good kendamas! I have tried both and would have to say they both have about the same tacky amount. I personally like the ATack more, it does not chip much and it has been dropped on concrete and wood and gravel multiple times.


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