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Introduce yourself!

Started by BKA, 24 June, 2011, 15:09:04

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Welcome to the forum, @twohands. Good to hear that you're enjoying kendama at your own pace and in your own way. Click on!


Hello again,  how very kind of you to answer!

I kept on potching and painting kens and tamas, finally covering the result with epoxy - and walking on each day, doing the dogwalks with much more patience now, since I've been able to practice the kendama. This makes at least a very intense, two-hands hour a day.

The progress is - I'd say - close to incredibly fast... :-)

If I only could show the pictures of the designer-kendamas... you'd love "lemon tree" or "strawberry fields" well as my favourite one to play with at the moment, the industrial-technoid "The Kid" with its facey red tama... by the way, you know what's funny?

The word "Dame" in German as well as the word "dama" in Serbian and Croatian for "lady" seems to be rooted directly within Japanese soil... the ladies ar the "tamas", indeed, the somewhat  bowlier ones...

It is quite a bit strange to get the feeling of once having been the one inventing the kendama, in an earlier life, and now having to learn it one more time with a newer construction... would be worth another novel...

Now I know the first item I'd like to be commented on this forum!

Wait a minute...
try, try, try


Hi guys, just wanted to introduce myself!
Those of you at the jam in Bristol last Saturday will have met me but, hey, I'm Tom 👋
Although I learned the basics 3 years ago, I'm still fairly new to dama. I really want this year to be the year I start going places with it.
Buzzed to see you all again for the Cardiff jam next week😃


Hi @tomdama_93 , welcome aboard the forum! Good to have you here.